EN Client not working

I’m struggling (still!) and can’t get a resolution to the problem I am having with the email

The IMAP and SMTP settings ook right

email not coming in

Can it be fixed?
or does eMClient get rid of the free users after awhile?

pleas help - I like it/.


You previously posted the same problem and received a number of suggestions, questions and some pointed steps to follow and report back.

Here is a link back to that post thread: Receiving emails not working. I would suggest you start from the first response and work your way down ensuring you follow what the responders asked you to do and report back.

Just my 2 cents and I am not speaking for any of the other people that tried to help you.

Thanks for that - I couldn’t find it!!

I think em hates me!!

I included a LINK in the reply and just checked and it WORKS… just click it.

In response to that duplicate post about the activation key…

I have lost my activation key, how can I retrieve it?

Posted by Olivia Rust on 22 May 2018 14:03
Have you lost your activation key? No problem!

Simply enter the email address used for the license registration on our ‘Lost license key’ website, and we will send you your activation key in a minute.

If you are worried that you cannot retrieve your key because eM Client is in offline mode, please be aware that most email providers in this day have a webmail option, where you can login and get your messages through your internet browser (for example gmail addresses can be checked in your browser at mail.google.com, hotmail, msn, outlook and other Microsoft accounts can be checked at outlook.live.com, etc.).

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Thank you wonderful people - I have the activation key sorted.

I still can’t receive emails.
And ideas?

Also. once I get the emails receiving - can I import folders from
another program.?

Thanks everyone - I hope I’,m gaining on it.

If the offline tick has gone, click refresh and then click the dropdown arrow on the right of refresh and click show operations and see if anything is happening there or if you are getting any errors.

If you are not receiving any emails and are activated ok and no errors in the operations window, then as per the other thread advise, if you have any optional Antivirus, Firewall or VPNs disable those temporarily to test if they are blocking, and then close and reopen eM Client and see if you receive email without them running.