Receiving emails not working

Not r4eceiving emails.

I’ve tried for day to sort this out.

Can anyone help!



Can you share more information … error messages, eMC version, Windows or Mac, etc.

In the interim, try temporarily turning off your ant-virus and VPN software, if they are running.

Thanks for your reply.

I’m using Win 10

Next to the email address there is a red triangle with an !

I’ve checked avg - can’t see anythuing there to change.

and seem to think this problem coincided with an update from Microsoft.

Thanks in advance.

Turn Off AVG test and see if it change anything.
Which mail services are you using Gmail, (Exchange server), if other please specify.

Click on: MENU > Operations > Log and report the error here.

Temporarily turn OFF AVG and try receiving mail again.

Just noticed that @Shauny responded as well… a response to his “mail services” request would help as well.

Thanks I’m using Outlook

Thanks guys.
This really does seem beyond me.
I am now using Outlook on the web on my laptop
and struggling between 2 computers and 3 email programs.

I’ve spent all week on this and can’t sort it.

I have even deleted it and re-installed a couple of times.

If I was a bit more confident I would consider going to premium - but
wondering if it is worth it.

I also seem to have dleted important emails and folders.

Close eM Client, Disable AVG and try to retrieve your Email and report back.

Check these setting.

I’ve checked the imap and smtp settings (not that I know what they are)
and are the same as they were before

is this what you mean?

Is there a repair tool? or some such?

Does it tell you what is the error on the account?? if so can you paste it here.

I tried to cut and paste it here - it didn’t work.

In the meantime, I have downloaded it to my laptop - and it is working well.
I’ve given up on the desktop for now.
thanks for all your help.

deleted it again - it is no longer on any computer

now I can’t find my license number - is there a way to retreive it

I’m only perservering because my eyesight is bad and I can cope with the easy layout

Delete this posting as you are duplicating things. You have to REPLY not create new posts…

Head to Lost Activation Key | eM Client enter the email you used to register it will send you the key.

and yet no solution
frustrating, very, very frustrating

You replied to ME 5-6 months after you received some suggestions and apparently have not tried any of them ? You can always subscribe to paid support and get a resolution from their support staff.

thanks for your reply.
It worked last time
this is NEW time.

I have got PRO in the hope of finding help to sort this problem -
so far NOT fixed.

Is anyone able to help.

I paid for a got PRO in the hope of being able to access a help desk.
is this possible?