emClient not supporting deletions from Samsung Email with IMAP server

I’ve been tracking down this issue regarding my setup, which is:

  • hmailserver (host)
  • emClient
  • Samsung Email

I’ve noticed an odd behavior:

  1. Email is received
  2. Email shows up on both emClient and Samsung Email
  3. DELETE the email in the Samsung Email app
  4. The email is deleted in both emClient and Samsung Email
  5. However, when another email is received, the email will ONLY show up in the Samsung email app
  6. The only way to get things back in sync is to read the new email in the Samsung email app. Afterward, it will instantly “appear” in emClient

In looking at the logs, I noticed that emClient sends the EXPUNGE command for the message when deleted, but the Samsung Email client does not. I believe this is causing an issue with emClient not detecting a difference in the email count and therefore not pulling-in the 2nd email.

I’ve started using K9 email on Android, which DOES send the EXPUNGE command, and all is working perfectly. The issue seems to be with clients that do NOT send the EXPUNGE command causing issues with emclient syncing.

However, I’m not a fan of K9, and wondering if emClient is able to honor the the /Deleted flag that Samsung Email is using, along with the “RECENT X” indicator.

Also, I’ve noticed that while emClient and the Samsung Email client don’t play well together, it seems Outlook (desktop) does. I can perform the same steps above and it remains in sync on Outlook desktop, so Outlook must be honoring the Deleted flag sent from the Samsung mail client.

This seems like a niche issue, but can anyone shed light on this if they’ve had a similar issue?

The Samsung email client has alot of issues with many email servers and clients. You would need to take that issue up with the Samsung app developer.

Most peeps i know who used that app have now gone onto other apps due to too many problems with it.

eM Client are also looking to do their own mob app down the track. See this thread. Mobile alternatives - Mail - eM Client

For an example, I’ve had great luck and like Aqua Mail on Android. Been using for many years and it has always worked well.

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