eMClient 9.0.1317.0 up to 9.0.1361.0 ( Password correction crashes the app)

When trying to input a password protection password in general settings, the application crashes and restarts. This error started since version 9.0.1317.0 ( I have already contacted support div. but no progress as it seems.)

I will send relative error log to [email protected]

This is a bug with Microsoft Windows 11, specifically the UI automation.

Please see the current status mentioned here:

Thanx. Let’s wait for MS update.
Since we wanted as a small business office to turn to a more modern email application, I would like to know if there are other features which do not work due to Win11 problems.
We want to be sure before we have emclient as our default email client.

eM Client works just fine on Windows 11.

However, some Windows users have a bug in their OS where the OS will crash applications using its UI automation.

You can bypass that part of the OS by running applications that are crashed by the OS in Windows 8 compatibility mode. Windows 8 did not have UI automation, so that part of Windows 11 doesn’t come into play when using compatibility mode.

We’ve already tried but no success.