EMC not starting properly on Windows 10

Support advised that I add eM Client as an exception to CCleaner, Malwarebytes and Acronis True Image (Acronis also interfered severely with Adobe Camera Raw). After adding these exceptions (MailClient.exe and Mail.Client.dll) and restarting my PC, the bug seems to be gone. I closed and re-opened eM Client at least 10 times today and everything worked as expected.
I must agree with confused user. I would rather switch to a different email client than having to do a clean install of my system, an email client is just not worth the hussle.
But anyway, it seems to work again.

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viernes 11 diciembre 2020 :: 1711hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi @ConfusedUser

I also do not have any issues with the latest versions of eMC & Win10 and eMC runs perfectly.
Two things;
You say you don’t use Yahoo, who do you use as your ISP?
Have you checked that your Win10 installation is complete and not corrupt?
You can use these tools:
From an elevated command prompt cut & paste the following and press enter to run:

DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth

followed by:

sfc /scannow

this will now scan and if required replace any corrupt files in Win10

You will be given a report of all actions taken.

Do this as part of problem solving process.

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viernes 11 diciembre 2020 :: 1715hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi @pefunk

Strange, I run CCleaner, Malwarebytes and Acronis True Image and have no problems with eMC; clearly issues would appear to be particular installation specific

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I don’t run any of those applications. Happy that you are back up and running though!


Thank you for your suggestions. Much appreciated.

eMClient is used to access Google (GSuite). The only reason I have purchased upgrades of eMClient over many years is because of how easily it works with Google’s mail and calendar compared to other products.

The fact that my system works perfectly well with eMClient up to and including v8.0.3385 suggests to me that a change in eMClient is causing the problem. I have reverted to v8.0.3385 and everything works perfectly again, so something has changed that apparently makes later versions of eMClient incompatible with my system and its installed software. The software is mainly Bitdefender, LibreOffice and several graphics / drawing programs, there are no imaging or low-level system utils.

Whilst it is a bit annoying it is not a problem for me and I can just stick with the older version. There may be others out there though that want the new or improved features in later releases but find they can’t because eMClient does not work with their OS / software combination.

A support ticket is in, so eMClient are aware and can choose to look into the matter and what changed between emclient-v8.0.3385 and emclient-v8.0.3499, if they so wish.

viernes 11 diciembre 2020 :: 1911hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi @ConfusedUser

Thanks for your reply - in all probability the issue is a change in the way that Google authentication works, see here:

Hope this helps.

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I doubt it. I used that oAuth method with the older clients. Also I cannot see how the method of getting an oAuth token just when the account is first added would prevent eMClient from shutting down forever after, and only on newer releases, without it being something that had changed in eMClient.

Or are you saying that I now cannot restore Google accounts from a backup and have to set them up all over again with a new token in newer releases of eMClient?

@ConfusedUser Clearly the issue is with your installation of whatever software you have installed on your computer as the fact is that EMC 8.1 does work with Windows 10 with the Google authentication token on a “clean” Windows install as I and many other EMC Forum members have done.

To get this issue resolved, you will have to start troubleshooting your computer as i advised earlier by eg: disabling or uninstalling programs on the startup one by one (to test) till you find the program that’s causing it. Standard technician troubleshooting.

As you advised you have Bit Defender, i would first start with that one, as internet security programs have been known to interfere with mail clients and usually need to be specially configured to allow mailers to work correctly.

If that’s not it, then see what other startup / background programs you have and troubleshoot those too one by one. Yes its a pain having to do that, but the only way to know where the problem lies. We have all had to do that sort if thing in the past with various programs, If you haven’t then you are very lucky.

As @pefunk advised you may also have to specially configure programs (with exceptions) depending on what you have installed to allow EMC to work which can happen with any mail clients.

EMC 8.1 has lots of new features and bug fixes & is well worth troubleshooting your system to get onto the new version. Good luck.

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Seems you must be right. As your above post came in I was trying the latest version on a clean Win10 VM with no other software and it seemed to work for the period I was testing it.

You are also right that the sort of trouble-shooting required to solve this is a pain so I have taken the path of least resistance and installed an email client that does work with my system and GSuite account. This is not some kind of “tantrum” gesture, I just don’t have the inclination to start disabling things and generally using up a lot of time just to work out how to allow an email client to work properly :slight_smile:

I would however like to thank yourself and all the others here for the help and suggestions. It seems that it’s a nice group of people that hang out here.

I will now log out of the forum and leave you all in peace (for a while at least)…

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I am sorry to say that my report of success was premature. The bug is back again after being gone for almost a whole day. Support asked to send them the dump file. Lets wait for their solution.
You are obviously correct with your advice to do a clean install of Windows and all programs, but I am just not IT-savvy enough to have a go at that. I am certain that I will create more problems than I can solve. And everything on my machine except eM Client is running perfectly. I only have to kill the background process via Task Manager every other time that I close eM Client. But I am getting a bit suspicious now. As a consequence I have moved my large mail archive from eM Client to my Outlook.com server, in case my eM Client database might be shredded eventually.
I have Outlook as part of my Microsoft 365 plan, but I have not used it so far, as I am much more at ease with eM Client.

I doubt that.

I don’t think that is a solution to get eM Client working, except as an extreme last resort. You would have to be a fanatical, die-hard eM Client user, forsaking all other email clients, to do that. :wink:

Almost described myself there. LOL!

Saying that, I do a reformat of the hard disk and a complete reinstall of the OS about once a year. The result is that I have practically no issues with installing and running applications. But then I am also very conscious of how some application affect others and the OS. I don’t install applications to do a task that the OS can already reliably do. Like anti-virus applications. If you are using Windows 10, Windows Defender is an excellent anti-virus/malware tool. There is no need to install third-party applications to do the same task, which invariably cause issues. We have seen that with Avast being the main culprit for blocking eM Client’s internet access.

Just saying.

This is an excellent practice. Having your data on an IMAP or Exchange server means it is safe in the event of an application crash, and is simultaneously available on other devices like your phone. And if eM Client is down for a few days while Support figures out what is wrong, just use your web browser to manage your messaging.


@pefunk have you tried even just disabling all the items in the “Startup” Tab in Task Manager and rebooting to see if that has any effect on the EMC closing issue ?. Normally the only thing in there by default is the eg: Win 10 Windows Security icon, Cortana icon, One Drive icon on new Win 10 installs.

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Or starting in Safe Mode?

Well, today I disabled all start-up iItems except the ones that I cannot live without (monitor calibration, keyboard driver, Windows security, Epson printer connection). These have a higher priority for me than any mail program.
Lets see what happens. What drives me crazy, is that I see no logical pattern: sometimes eM Client closes correctly ten times and then the bug suddenly appears the next three times that I close the program. I already had reported to support, that setting up eM Client as an exception in my security apps had solved my problem, when out of the blue the bug was there again.
Maybe the analysis of the mailclient.dmp file can bring some insight.

I joined this forum for this very reason, I have had some communication on em facebook page with this issue but nothing constructive.
If you look in your Taskmanager u will notice emclient is still present after you shut it down, when u start it up again it may not work and if it does it will give you the message it did not shut down properly blah blah

BUT I URGE U ALL to back up your emails, for some unknown reason and this has only happened once so far, when em tries to correct the errors on startup it deleted almost ALL my emails, years of receipts, communication and memories, BUT… I was fortunate I had made an acronis backup just two days previously. To be safe I now export emails daily to another drive in EML format.

It is also worth noting these problems only began with the new emclient update (paid version) for me, I am also using Windows 10 20H2 19042.685. Also Norton Security and Malwarebytes is set to allow emclient…

Latest development:
Support replied to me today
"we are still working on a fix but there is a workaround which worked for couple of users. Can you please test it and let me know if that worked for you, too?
1. go to menu > settings > general > general
2. if the option “empty trash on exit” is checked, please uncheck it
3. try to replicate the issue."

This workaround - I tried all day today closing and opening eM Client - actually seems to work for me. You should try it as well. It seems, eM Client developers are on the right track now.

I am guessing then that option “empty trash on exit” then must be referring to “local emc trash” folder ? Or does that option also automatically clear any type of mail account trash folders on exit.

I am extremely interested in your successful reversion to v8.0.3385 from the botched v8.1 update. My currently unresponsive eM Client was exactly caused by the failure between these two versions on December 7. I simply want to return back to where I was before the v8.1 update, which is what you just accomplished with success. Would you please confirm to me that in the process of doing that, (1) you uninstalled the botched v8.1, (2) you selected to delete the database when prompted for a decision for its database during the uninstalling move, (3) you reinstall v8.0.3385 from the “Release History”, and (4) once v8.0.3385 had been reinstalled you restored the database from a backup file? Did you safely get back all the email files existed before the botched v8.1 update? If your answers to these two questions are both YES, I want to copy your moves exactly! I would be immensely grateful if you can respond to this inquiry and confirm the concrete steps in your successful conversion above narrated.

Relatedly, I see a “eM Client” folder in my laptop’s C: Drive and in it there are backups at three points in time; and I have made a copy of that entire folder into an external storage device. My question is: do these files fit your definition of “backup”? And which one should I use for restoring the database in the move (4) above, the one in the C: Drive or the one in the external storage device?

Thanks a million in advance!

I now use Thunderbird* for my email as it now connects “natively” to Google, but in answer to your questions:

(1) Yes
(2) Yes
(3) Yes
(4) I used the backups that eMClient periodically takes.

I got all my emails back but as I use GSuite and GMail it was not the backup that brought me up to date as my email is IMAP, so all of the mail was still on the mail server and just got downloaded / updated. I used the backup file just to restore the “connections” to Google to save a bit of typing and re-authorising. Being IMAP I needn’t have done that. If I had just entered my credentials again into an “empty” client it would have restored everything. Using the backup meant that I did not have to reauthorise my multiple accounts.

*This is not an advert for Thunderbird as it is still a chore trying to get some sensible kind of font / view for received and composing emails (something eMClient excels at). I just wanted to quickly move to a mail client that would remain up-to-date rather than sticking with an old version of eMClient that kept nagging me to update to a non-working version.

Thank you for your all positive reply regarding my preference of returning back to v8.0.3385 rather than trying to update to v8.1X, which obviously is not yet fully mature for rolling out. Data safety is our utmost concern and it is rather frustrating to find out the safe way of safeguarding it via hitting the walls on all directions rather than via clear instructions from the software engineering side. We feel very fortunate that you added clarity in the process of finding the correct way. Cheers!

It includes both Local and server folders.

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