Emails very slow to load when replying

After clicking “Reply” to an email that has been fully loaded in the Preview pane, a new window opens containing the email so as to be able to write a reply. It can take up to 30 seconds to load the body of the email before a reply can be written.

I have two mail accounts one Exchange one IMAP and it happens with both. It does not appear related to the body content and whether it contains objects such as images, it can be a few lines of plain text.

It is not clear what it is doing in the meantime. Is there some setting which can be changed to stop it doing whatever it is doing so as to be able to reply without having to wait?

When you click on reply or forward, the message content is retrieved again from the server. If there is linked or large embedded content, it may take some time.

Maybe enabling the offline option will help, but I have my doubts about that.

For the IMAP account go to Menu > Tools > Accounts and click on the IMAP tab where you can enable offline mode. That will cache the message body and all embedded content to your computer.

For the Exchange account, right-click on the Inbox in the left-sidebar and choose Properties > Offline.

I have had this problem for ages - certainly since October 2019. Support were unable to offer an help that worked.

I would be interested to see what advise they give you.

Me too I have had this lagging problem for a while now, EM Client have logged in to my computer and are trying to find the problem

Out of curiosity, what anti virus software are you using?

I have now moved to v.8 and still have the issue.

Still have the problem of lagging, body of email in replies takes a very long time to fill in ?

I have noticied this on v7 for a few months and now v8 is the same.

We now have a super-quick internet connection and it is less noticeable but still annoying. On clicking “Reply” it’s normal to have to wait for around 4 or 5 seconds before being able to type a reply. The length of the delay does not seem to be related to the size of the email or the contents.

When forwarding an email if I put in the email address and click Send it will halt until it has downloaded the message before forwarding. Just occasionally it doesn’t download the message and forwards a blank email.

What anti virus software are you using? When I brought this up with support, that was one of their possible theories. I am using Sophos and still have the issue in v.8.

Seems to only happen on the first email of the day.

I checked all my 4 accounts and did not notice a specially annoying time lag when opening a response or forward email.
I notice though that EMC is generally slower in opening emails than Thunderbird and much slower as Windows Live Mail (which of course has other problems…).
A suggestion concerning the reply/forward time lag would be to not load the original message from the IMAP server again but use the already loaded information.

Same problem. I have only 2 accounts (Google IMAP) and it takes really long time to be able to write reply.

Same problem, quite often I click Reply and the body of the reply message can be empty for 1-2mins!
It happens with a variety of messages. NOT using IMAP. All messages are local.

I personally are running eM Client V8.2.1237 for Windows and have a Gmail, Live Mail and a local ISP IMAP accounts, and when replying or forwarding to emails (after the initial new email received has synced / cached to eM Client) only takes aprox 2 secs for IMAP emails to appear in the body of the email. I also only have a slow 25mbps internet connection.

So if you are getting big lag when replying or forwarding to IMAP / Exchange emails (after the new emails have initial synced / cached) and have a descent speed internet connection, then there is something on your computer delaying the body of the email updating when replying or forwarding. Antivirus scanning / Email monitoring programs are common for that type of thing.

Also try the latest version of eM Client to see if it makes any difference to the lag issue from the version history page. Ps Make a backup first via “Menu / Backup”.

This could be caused by waiting for dynamic content in the message body to load. So something like an image or section of text that is reloaded from a server every time the message is viewed.

I am reading about the reply/forward delay and I can’t believe that.
It takes less then to 0.3 s on my 5 years old computer. Hard to measure with stopwatch. I can start write reply imediately. To wait 3 secs before I can write a reply should be unacceptable for me.
There must be something realy wrong with the computers that lags that way. This sort of issue is hard to solve over chat. The one suffer 3 secs lag, the other 2 minutes. These computers need a maintenance.

Does not appear to be the case here. Same dynamic content loads quickly when viewing message. And in the reply only, it can be stuck for minutes, not seconds.

If I double-click any message to open it, content loads within 1sec. Consistently

Haven’t you got active a signature in reply?

What i can see is that a lot of people are having this problem from sometime ago. I’m also one of them. I do like eMClient for my work and i’m using it for some years, but this issue is becoming very annoying and making my work less productive.
I have tried all suggesting place here and nothing work. Honestly if this is not solved by the dev staff, i will change to a new solution. Is not acceptable that when we create a new email, reply or forward, the eMClient turns slow, laggy taking something like 20 or 30 seconds to return to normal.

This is what I notice as well. There seems to be a problem populating the prior message. What I do to move it along which really shouldn’t work is I click in the blank space of the new message in the area where the new body would be and it seems to help it along. But there’s definitely a problem here.

I dont know if this has been solved but I have this problem as well.
Bot when I hit Reply but I also find that after composing an email and hitting Send it also can take about a minute before emClient “unfreezes”. These are not long emails with attachments.

I do use Signatures in my emails, but not with a graphic just words…