Emails not appearing in sent folder

Anytime I send an email it is not appearing in the sent folder of em client. how do I get emails to appear in this folder as this is crucial for my business to operate. 

menu/tools/settings/mail/send and check “Save copy of sent messages in “Sent” folder”.

Thanks Jay for the reply but emails are still not appearing in sent folder even when I have ticked the " save messages in sent folder" box , would there be anything else that I could do ?. 

What type of account are you using (POP3, IMAP , Exchange…)?


I’m thinking that with POP3, the sent items folder is in the local folders.  Make sure they are visible by going to menu/tools/settings/general/general and check “Show local folders”.

Show local folders is ticked already. 

Hmmm.  I guess I’m out of ideas.  Sorry!

Check your Email vendor parameters  (gmail, Yahoo etc)  you may have it set in your email vendor’s facility to not show sent email or have it going some were else rather than sent folder.
Also re check the EMClient parameters that you changed to see if they were really changed as there is an apply button on the bottom and if not hit  nothing changes.

Hello Walter,

We’re sorry for the inconvenience. Do you only send e-mails from eM Client on one device? The POP3 protocol doesn’t synchronize the Sent folder so if you sent messages from somewhere else, they will not appear in your Sent folder. Or could it be that you are using more than one device to access your account? When you send e-mails from other devices, they often create their own Sent folders instead of using the server’s Sent folder and consequently don’t appear there.
Do you get an error message of some kind? If that is the case, could you please enclose a screenshot of the error, open the third tab in the same window as the error titled ‘Log’ and copy its content here? (For fast copying, pressing Ctrl+A will select everything).

Thank you,

I have this problem, I have sent multiple group emails this afternoon using Bcc and to: = my own email account, (I have received them all back into my inbox as per to:) but only 2 of them appear in the sent folder but the other 3 do not?? I have had to text certain people to see if they have received the email which seems crazy.  I do send from mobile device occasionally but they have always sync’d with em client fine. There is no error msg…

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Hello Sue,

Could you please verify that all of the e-mails were sent from the same e-mail address from eM Client? Can you also please turn on the Local Folders (in Menu ->Tools ->Settings ->General - Show Local Folders), see if you have multiple Sent folders and look through them if you do?

Thank you,

I am having this issue as well, I am well versed in email clients and I know all my settings are right, it is just not showing sent mails at all

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If Vendor Gmail  check gmail settings LABELS that for SENT  SHOW IN IMAP is on.
Check EMclient  menu-tools-settings-send-mail-read  that save copy is on or off .
On my acct gmail send show in imap is on in emclient save copy is off and I get items in send folder and none (duplicate) in the inbox

I don’t see where this was resolved.  I’m a new user and converted over from Microsoft Live.  To put a finer point on it, i’m experiencing the following:

  1. From the conversion, i have a “Sent Items”–that came over from MS but its not the ‘active’ sent folder… (under my domain…but another “Sent” under More directory structure.
    2)If i send/respond to an email with myself on distro, it goes into “trash” folder (and shows “Me” as email recipient)
  2. If i’m not on distro on a reply, it goes into “Sent” that was created under “More”

And yes, to the other points, i have sent checked and show local folders.

I am experiencing the same problem as mark miller (also a recent transfer from Windows Live). That said, some of my sent messages are saved to the “Sent” folder and others are not–there doesn’t seem to be a reason behind the selection process.

All of the appropriate boxes are checked and my local folders are visible.

I only use one device and only one email account.

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If you turn off Conversations (Menu > View > Conversations > Disable Conversations) are the missing sent items then visible in Sent?

I haven’t seen a resolution for the issue on this thread.
I have just noticed that for emails sent to Microsoft (hotmail or outlook domains), the sent folder is empty on eM Client, although the email is present in the Sent folder when viewed via the web client.

I too am using a POP3/SMTP protocol, eM Client on this PC is the only point of contact for all emails, the ‘save copy to Sent folder’ option is checked, so is ‘Local Folders’, although the Local Folders are empty. Conversation mode was disabled within days of starting to use eM Client for the first time.

I cannot see any option via the web client which could potentially influence this, but again, I don’t see why a Microsoft server would be involved with eM Client’s Sent folder on an SMTP protocol.
But since POP3/SMTP is used for all email accounts, including GMail and ISP Accounts, why Hotmail is being effected only is a mystery to me.

David, do you perhaps have a Rule in eM Client that is deleting or moving messages sent to those domains? Or do you mean all messages sent through a specific account are disappearing?

Sent messages will only be stored in Local Folders Sent folder if you have specified to store messages in Local Folder when you setup the account. Otherwise, using a POP3 account, all sent messages should be saved to the account’s own local Sent folder. 

There is no relationship between a POP3 account and the server Sent folder. Some providers like Google do store the sent messages no matter which protocol you use, but many don’t.

No rules have been set-up, other than the one about spam which was there as part of the installation.

It almost seems to be that eM Client sends the email via SMTP, then uses POP3 to pull the email back to put into the Sent folder, which is failing for Hotmail rather than just transferring it to its own Sent folder after the send is successful. The latter should be 100% reliable.

I think I’ll toss this one into a support ticket.

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