Emails from hotmail not received

eM Client stopped sending and receiving emails from my hotmail account. I’ve used eM Client for years and every day I receive emails. Just a few hours ago eM Client stopped sending or receiving emails from my hotmail account. I’ve noticed that on the accounts settings next to the name of the account there is a blue star (it’s actually a white star in a blue circular symbol). It probably indicates that there is something wrong with the account. Does anybody know what does it mean? I can see the emails only if I go to the webserver and loginto the account but eM Client does not download the emails from the server. My computer runs windows 10.

What are the “errors” in the MENU > OPERATIONS > LOG file?

Did you get the Red Triangle symbol? Then when you click into it and show the following error:

[IMAP]Known Microsoft Exchange server error “User is authenticated but not connected” has been encountered on IMAP connection. This issue is temporary and should be automatically resolved by the server. If not, please contact your mail provider.

If so, it’s a known problem in recent times with Microsoft email accounts when trying to access from EMC. My Outlook account has been inaccessible for over a month now due to this annoying issue! Be warned, it’s not a temporary issue. Hope you have better luck.

Thank you for your help and quick respond. The problem was resolved without doing anything from my part. This morning eM Client downloads and sends emails from my hotmail account. However, yesterday didn’t do that. So, I do not know why for some hours eM Client stopped synchronizing with the hotmail server. The LOG file does not show any information for the hours the computer was on yesterday. It shows only information for hours it was on today.

And I didn’t get the Red Triangle symbol.

Anyway eM Client started working again with my hotmail account without the need to do anything on my part.

martes 04 enero 2022 :: 0923hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi @George7 & Anyone with an Exchange issue

Email failure using Exchange is NOT an eMC issue.

Microsoft patches a bug that messed on-premises Exchange Server

Happy New Year. Welcome back!

Now apply this patch – which Microsoft warns isn’t easy – if you want email to work

Fixing the Exchange mess needs some work, too. While Microsoft has released a script here:

to solve the situation, the company’s Exchange team has warned “it will take some time to make the necessary changes, download the updated files, and clear the transport queues.”

Microsoft’s post

about the bug and how to address it was updated seven times between publication on January 1st and the time this story was posted. Chatter in Microsoft forums and elsewhere suggests that the fix can be tricky to apply, and sometimes fails.

All of which means Exchange Admins have an incredibly fun start to 2022 - who doesn’t love a deluge of polite inquiries from users miffed that they can’t access email? Thanks, Microsoft. ®

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