Email Templates?

Is there a way to save an editable email template–with standard recipients, subject line, and body text–which can then be repeatedly opened, modified, and sent?

you can either create standard Templates (which are not much editable) or you can create and store multiple Drafts.

Can you tell me where eM clients stores signatures? I would like to copy my outlook files over. Thank you!

Sorry, this is not possible. You can only import from Outlook, you cannot copy the data directly to eM Client’s database.

HOW does one create the template?

In tools - settings - mail - templates and signatures

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Can I create templates that also included attachments?

Unfortunately not, but you can upload that file to some file sharing service and then put into template link to that file.

Thanks John. Great idea.

you are much welcome :slight_smile:

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No, it’s NOT a great idea!
I want to have CONTROL of all my templates.

To hato to save the message like a “scketch” then keep opening like a any type of message and send them will force you to RE-BUILD your message from the start…

That’s NOT a template.

Just like to have the option to create recipients groups picking ONE BY ONE is a drop…

Hi Marcelo, I’m not completely sure what are you having issues with, can you please specify the issue?

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Hi George,

First of all, I want to thank you for your attention.

The “problem”, if we can call it like that, is, that eM Client is so cool but sometimes it falls short.

There are some very important features that I’m noticing they’re “incomplete” or were made by people that never used an ‘mass email’ program to spread their products or services information using a recipients list with more them 5 thousand names, emails, etc.

For exemple, I have one of this recipient lists and many contact names there that are network products buyers, many are software products buyers.

Different groups at the same list.

Well, eM Cliente should have a way to create a group and then import (csv, txt, whatever) contacts for that group. So, everytime I need to send an specific message about, let’s say, ‘network products’, all I had to do is to pick the named “Network Group” on “recipient” or “to” field, click “SEND” and ta-daaa…
…like a Mass Mailing sender should work, of course.
I am not mentioning those “mail merge” fields, etc…

But now, as far as I could find out, I have to do the same - but on the opposite direction.

First I have to fill the program with contacts; then I have create a Group; then I have to pick members that I want assingn to that Group ONE BY ONE (or almost like that) on a “sea” of names and emails that I’ll need to remember who they are and what they buy…
…are we in 2014? (hehehehe…)
If I am doing the thing right, sounds an ‘absurd’ for me…

The second feature that eM Client should have took one more “baby step” ahead is the Template stuff.

If you need to share 40 or more different messages containing images, texts and attachments, I think that a “Template” folder like Gmail have those pre-made messages that we can re-use anytime or something like that should be way more convenient.

I really enjoy eM Client features about “pattern messages”.
I know I can save “sketches” then re-use them.
But that’s an unstable way to re-use messages, you know?
Sometimes the template (sketch or “draft”) disappears right after you send it.

On CONTACTS enviroment I’d to say that to merge data from the same contacts is a really cool feature - BUT I have to merge contacts books, too.

And on this subject, I have a question:
How can I merge all my contacts from many different sources and, at the same time, avoid dupes?

After all this said, I think you’re probably thinking that I am not enjoying this new eM Client experience. Actually, I started using eM Client for a TRY.
Now I forgot Thunderbird for good and not pretty sure about to use Outlook again…
…that’s why I am asking more (complete) features.

BUT, we must have in mind that every “ex” Gmail, Thunderbird, Outlook user probably will need sometime to get used to eM Client and find a different way to get the job done…

Hi Marcelo, sorry for my late reply.
You should be able to import all your contacts using .csv import, during the Import you should be able to select a Contacts folder to which you want to import your contacts to, e.g. you should be able to import your software contacts from let’s say a software-contacts.csv and select your software contacts folder.

If you’re using this often, you might get duplicates, however eM client does have a deduplicator feature included that can either merge or delete the duplicates.

For creating mass mailing lists you can use the distribution lists, select all your contacts and right click the select, the select “create distribution list”.
We’re currently looking into some options how to simplify this process for groups and distribution lists.

Thank you,

Thank you Paul, nice to hear from you.
Well, I’ll be waiting for a good idea about it…
…'cause the “sales” have to be faster and faster everyday, you know?..

It would be nice if I can click .eml file from my desktop and it opens into a new email. That’s all I really need. Or expand the capability of built in templates. 

Hi Alejandro, that’s unfortunately not possible as if an .eml file is exported out of eM client it is considered to be an already composed message, it is unfortunately not possible to edit already composed messages unless you select to forward the message to another recipient.


Then perhaps just expand the capabilities of the built in templates. I have templates in other clients that already have to, cc, bcc, subjet line, body text, filled out. All I have to do is change the variables in the body text, change the to field and hit send. I have this for many purposes and it really saves time. I hope it is something you can consider for the future. It would let me consider using em client full time. 

Hi Alejandro, thank you for the suggestion, we’re currently considering improving this for future releases, however there’s so many new features we’d like to implement into eM Client in future releases we’re currently unable to confirm any plans for implementing this in the nearest updates or the upcoming release.

However we agree this would be a very helpful addition to the program.

Thank you,