Email support - cannot add additional email accounts

Hi I have just purchased a new laptop and I’m trying to move everything over.

I’ve re installed emclient onto the new laptop and I have the pro version.

However it won’t let me add more than one email address, however hard I try.

I can see other people have had this issue, but I can’t find out how to resolve it.



It has now disabled all my email accounts on my old laptop but still won’t let me add them to my new laptop, so if anyone can help please do. Is there a phone number for em client support?



See support eM Client documentation.

“How to move my eM Client data to a new computer?”

Also see @Gary post from the following thread.

The best way to ensure all your data and settings are brought over is through Backup and Restore.

On computer A:

Create a backup using Menu > File > Backup.
Deactivate your license if you are no longer going to use eM Client on this device in Menu > Help > License.
Find the .ZIP backup file and move it to computer B (default in …\Documents\eM Client).

On computer B:

Install eM Client (
Skip initial setup.
Restore from your backup through Menu > File > Restore. If you put the backup file in this device in the same folder structure as the default (…\Documents\eM Client) the restore will find it right away, otherwise, you’ll need to specify the path where the backup file can be found.
Activate your license in Menu > Help > License. If you have lost your license activation key, you can have it resent to you from this page.