Email Redirect. functionality


In Zimbra mail web client, there is a feature of Redirect email,

this feature allows someone to redirect, or send the email to the inbox of a user, as if it went directly from the sender, to the redirected user, through the inbox account.

IS this feature available in emclient, or could this be added.

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Feature of Redirect email

I don’t think eM Client has a redirect feature like you want. There is also a few other requests for similiar on this forum.

You could possibly however setup a redirect of your email to another email address inbox (with a modified sender) via your cloud mailbox IMAP, Exchange, iCloud server Rules inbox settings if your server supports that feature.

Yes, but this is for use cases where, an email was sent or received at the secretary level, and it later on needs to be forwarded to someone in the company so they can respond to the matter, redirected that email, on scenario is better than forwarding, and also better than general forwarding.