Email not working for

Hi — I copied from another user. I’m having same problem. Suddenly one of my mail accounts stopped working after working all day “The authentication failed due to the unexpected end stream” was the error message. The AT&T/Yahoo account works fine on the web as does another account with the same settings which also works on eM Client. Is this somehow an AT&T/Yahoo mail (authorization) issue ? If so, why would one account work and not the other ? I checked setting and they are correct. Any suggestions ? Thanks.

Hi — Don’t know if you’ve resolved your problem yet but — I just fixed mine (same as yours— it was my forum message you copied). What worked is generating a secure mail key via AT&T (myAT&T) —
NOT via Yahoo. Once you have it — replace the password you’re using for authentication on your account’s General “page” with the secure key — save and close and it should work (eM Client Menu>Accounts>General(tab)>Authentication). Btw — a second or sub-account is still working without a secure key so I don’t plan to make the change for it yet — although I suspect AT&T/Yahoo has some kind of rolling change going on. If that is the case I’ll make the change to the secure key for this account as well. Good luck.

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