email not displaying all content in html

I receive an email with HTML I have added the sender to the white list. However the email content in the middle of the email is missing. So the first paragraph displays then there is a large blank space, then the final paragraph displays.

Hi Peter,
which release of eM Client are you running? Its in Help > About section.
Also, do you have an exception set up in your firewall and anti-virus software for eM Client? Maybe that could be blocking some of the content.
If that is not the cause, could you maybe screenshot one of the incorrectly displayed emails?

Best regards,

This happens to me, too, from time to time, something like this one:

Don’t know if this has been fixed already, although it was said to be done.

Hello Peter,
upon consulting this issue with some of our programmers, would you mind sending me an .eml file of this problematic email to so I can try to find out where exactly the issue might be?

Thank you and best regards,

I am using the current version of em client version 6.23421  I have replied by email with the .eml file.

eM client 7.0.2

Several client applications have  “like to release HTML content” screen option, your app apparently does not. So how can I get eM to behave with HTML content I like eM but this is very frustrating, not to have it behave similar to outlook web and or my previous client LIVE MAIL that went end of life, MS only supports 10 and the embedded client so their is a large market to be had - ?? Do I need to UPGRADE to the paid client to fix the HTML view of my email.

ALSO sometimes eM does not display the email content, unless I perform a forward and or reply were it becomes visible.

IF YOU have a FIX for this message thread should be updated to let people know it looks like its still  open with out a resolution.