Email connection

I keep getting the red triangle on my email, which I understand to be a connection problem. I

My broadband provider has helped with various adjustments to see if that helps, but so far not. It has only been happening in the last week or so.

Is there any reason for it that is to do with eM Client rather than my broadband set up?


Click on the Red triangle and in there one of the Tabs will show you the actual error. Can you screenshot or paste the error in this thread.

When I click on the red triangle it makes it try the connection again. I am not sure which tabs you mean?

When you click the Red triangle one of the Tabs in there normally shows you the error.

However if it doesn’t then try clicking the “Dropdown” arrow on the right of “Refresh” at the top and click on “Show Operations”. Then click on the “Errors” Tab and screenshot any errors in there.

This is a eM Client V8.1x for Windows example.


I’ve just done that and it says there are no errors?

I looked at the Log and there is a huge amount of stuff in it (which to me unfortunately does not mean much).

Ok. Can you click on “Menu / Accounts” and go to either the “IMAP” or “POP” tab whichever you have and screenshot that so we can see what account settings you have.

Obviously blank out your personal details.

At the start of the log it says: —> MailClient.Imap.Base.ByeException: Courier-IMAP server shut down by signal.

Does that mean anything?

That can be incorrect IMAP / POP Account or Port settings , or something blocking or Interferring with those like eg: Firewalls etc.

If you can screenshot / paste your IMAP or POP Settings via Menu / Accounts so we can check those first to make sure they are ok.

IMAP and Port 143. The rest of the information looks personal or specific to my broadband provider.

I did the diagnostic test and it came back ok.

Everything was fine till about a week ago, so I don’t know what has changed. I made sure I upgraded to the latest eM Client version in case that helped, but it didnt.

Maybe I need to go back to my internet provider?

Who is your mailbox provider ?

do you mean my broadband provider? it is PlusNet

Ok Have you tried with the following IMAP settings ?

Use SSL/TLS on special port (legacy)

I have changed to those settings and so far no triangle, but will see how it goes tomorrow.

Many thanks for your help.

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Hi again. I have been trialling the imap setting 993 etc and that did not help. So went back to port 143. Still have same problem. Sometimes the mail comes across fine, but a lot of the time the wheel spins for quite a while then the red triangle appears. But there is no record of an error in the log. Speed tests are fine and no problem getting web pages up. Is there anything else to try? Or could this be something to do with version 8?


Are you running any (optional) firewalls, security programs, antivirus programs. vpns etc ?. If so try disabling to test if any of those are possibly interfering which is also common where sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.

Hi, I have Norton Life Lock, which I would rather not turn off & leave my system vulnerable. I have had Norton for years now without any problems. This problem with email (only) is recent.

If you don’t want to disable Norton Life Lock (to test) you will never know if that’s the issue.

If eM Client works with Life Lock disabled, you would need to check the settings in that program to (allow eM Client) access. Or uninstall and reinstall that program and re allow access again.

Alternatively you could just boot up in (Safe Mode with Networking) to test if you have Windows, which would disable all background tasks temporarily except the basic Windows to see if something is blocking in the background.

Sometimes you need to do troubleshooting to find where the issue lies.


I am getting the red triangle on my email and unable to receive emails. I am able to send emails. Can you help me?

Completely disable any anti-virus/firewall or VPN application and try again.