Email addreses suggestion in eM 9.2

How can I disable email suggestion from all sent emails? It is very annoying. I want only my Contacts to suggest…

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I’m not sure if this is what you mean for contact suggestions when you are then creating emails ?

Eg: If there are recipients showing in the To: line you don’t need or no longer want, go to “Menu / Settings / Mail / Compose” and click the box marked “Show Recipients”. You can then delete whatever you want from the To: line history field.

If it’s not what you are referring to, can you do an example screenshot of where you are seeing the suggestions ? Blank out anything private.

I mean contact suggestions when composing new mail and forwarding.
There is new feature in ver.9.2 - contact addresses from all sent emails are suggested. It is a terrible mess.
The old and expired emails are suggested what I want to see no more. I want the only addresses from My Contacts to be suggested.
There should be an option in eM Client settings.

I mean contact suggestions when composing new mail and forwarding

Ok.I haven’t noticed anymore recipients in the To line when composing, replying or forwarding emails than previously with the new 9.2 version.

I don’t know of any option to exclude certain recipients from the To line “other than manually deleting them out of the recipients history list” as I advised above in my post.

However I’m sure someone will update this thread if you can.

My recipients history list is empty. All the suggested addresses are collected from sent emails (including very old ones). I have got >50 000 emails in sent folder. It is unappropriate to collect and suggest theese old addresses.

All the suggested addresses are collected from sent emails (including very old ones)

Ok. Hopefully then eM Client can update the program via an eg: Settings option in future to disable sent items suggestions.

Note: I would personally like to see a eg: Right Click delete option directly “on the Suggested email contact” when it appears in the To: CC: or BCC lines. Be easy then to delete that recipient from the history without allways going into settings. I think Outlook used to do that.

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Hi, I am with you on this one. This feature is not well designed. Simplest solution is to allow the users to turn it off. The right solution is to make it work correctly (I gave some suggestions here): Loading recipients from sent is a nightmare

I fully agree with you how messy the list is. I have no clue how did it pass the QA process before the release…