eM complains about inappropriate shut-down

When I restart the application (typically after restarting the PC) it complains it had been shut down incorrectly before and must check it’s databases. Now it has been either shut down by Windows (64-bit 7 or 8), or by me using File > Quit. Now what could be so inappropriate about that?

this usually happens when eM Client remains n the Tray - please check it in the settings.

Thank you George! eM Client icon is not visible in the tray.

In the eM Client settings, section “General”, the options

  • Minimized to tray
  • On close, minimize to tray
    are DEactivated

We made a few changes so it will hopefully resolved in the near future. Please be patient - fixed version should be released in a few weeks.

Hello! Is this supposed to work meanwhile? I still have this issue. I am new to eM and like the client very much. However, I regularly get the information on startup that the client didn’t shut down appropriately. I am minimizing to tray and do not explicitely exit the application when shutting down windows. Any help is very much appreciated. Thanks, Chris

See my reply of today to this thread: EMC not starting properly on Windows 10 - eM Client

For those who use the “Minimize to tray” option, if you just shutdown Windows, with EMC minimized in the tray, you will normally get EMC checking database etc errors on restart of Windows. If you don’t you are lucky as its still technically open in memory. Same goes for any other program minimized in the tray.

Before you shutdown if EMC (is minimized in the tray), you have to re-open EMC by clicking the tray icon or via the normal usual emc icon and then close emc via the X at the top right or via the Menu / Exit.

Thanks for the link! Actually the option with empty trash is already disabled in my case, still I have the issue.

I understand this from a technical perspective, however, it makes the option useless. I want to have it in the tray but don’t want to manually open it before shutting down :slight_smile:

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@patch Leaving EMC minimized in the tray and shutting down Windows without EMC error checking on re-opening, can sometimes be done by using the Start / Power / Sleep mode which (does work for me), however some EMC users depending on what optional software they are running have reported this Sleep option to still cause error checking in EMC when reopening when back on the desktop.

Try the Sleep mode in Win 10 & see if it works.