eM Client (Windows) won´t start any more

eM Client 9 (9.2.1222.0) won´t start any more. I downloaded last installation package from web and tryed to process a repaire, but it chrashed with following information


I´m will not deinstall and install em Client again because I´m affraid lost my filters (I have a lot).

Lokking forward some one can help me

Then I expect that you do regular backups from within eMC. Am I correct?
If I am, then after doing an uninstallation/install you will be able to restore the latest backup and ALL your settings will be as they were at the time of the backup.

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See this thread for fix suggestions.

Hey sunriseeal,
you´re right, I made some backups :wink:

I dared to uninstall the program and whenn uninstall process asked Igot the database saved. After that I reinstalled eM Client and it works again. Puh! Many thanks for the support.

Glad to be of some help!!!