eM Client was not closed correctly

When eM Client works, and until recently it was, it is fab. However, now it doesn’t - when I turn my PC on (Windows 10) eM Client no longer boots automatically as it seems stuck in a sub-program and the window says that it was not closed correctly last time. I have tried ‘closing’ it by going to menu and clicking exit, by using the red cross and by just shutting down the PC - none of them seem to make any difference as the next time I start my PC the same thing happens. Today it took 20 minutes before eM Client could actually be started.

I have 1 hotmail and one live email address.

Any help would be gratefully appreciated.



Hello Patrick,

We’re sorry for the inconvenience. Could we please ask if you use any antivirus software?

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Hi. I use Avast Free Anti-Virus. I have used this for ages so it’s not new.

My live.co.uk account is set up as exchange and my hotmail.com is set up as IMAP / SMTP. I recently had to change the live account to exchange from imap as it wasn’t syncing the calendar.

Please could I have a reply ???


I have this, too – every boot the database check is running. At first I thought, that archiver is the problem – but it happens as well without activ archiver.

I have ~40k Mails that means, that database check takes  a long time (up to several minutes). In one case I lost the content of a whole account – not nice!

It seems as If emClient has big problems with a restarting windows 10, if  it it was not closed before (what can happen due to updates, a.s.o. ).

Is there any workaround to aviod 1. waiting, 2. loss of data?

Or is emClient not able to handle huge mail accounts?

NoSi, if eM Client was not closed properly, you will get a database check on start. That is normal. Your best bet is to close eM Client before you shutdown Windows. That might help.

Does this mean, that emClient does not close properly on shutdown of system by itself?

Typically, Windows sends a “close window” command to any apps, before shut down and waits until it is closed. It seems, as if emClient does not support this mechanism. Where can I place a feature request for this?

I  ran some tests a while back during which eM Client was not closed properly 7 times on 35 attempts at Windows Shutdown or Restart. On a second run it was 5 failures. So the chance is there that it will not close properly unless you close it from within the client. And even then, I have had instances when it appeared to be closed, but there was still a second process running, which was probably also why it failed on Windows Shutdown.

My guess is that some other program (say AV) is keeping the database from closing on a windows shutdown.  This might explain the inconsistency which, by the way, I have seen as well.

As Gary said, just make it a habit to close,

Honestly, I am unsettled by these incidents (yes, several times). I’ve had TheBat! for years now (where the huge amount of mails comes from), there was not a single loss of data or inconsistencies in over 15 years, because of computer shuts down or crashes. This was not the case with Thunderbird or other database based systems, too.

With emClient, it occurred several times in a few days now. I am currently making sure that the program is closed during shutdown, but for my terms it is state of the art that the data is safe and that a database remains consistent. The competitors are able to, so emClient should be, too.

I’m not sure whether I want to take care of tasks that my previous “old” program has done automatically in a confident and reliable way.

eM Client 7.1.30794.0, Windows 10 Pro v1607 Build 14393.1884
same here, every boot the database check is running, my emails opens very slow.
I’m using gmail.

Hello all,

We are currently aware of this issue and working on a solution. Can you please let me know in the comments, what antivirus are you using and if you are using the setting “Close app to tray”?

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First tests were run on Windows 10 with Windows Defender enabled.

Second tests were run on  Windows 10 running on VM VirtualBox, with Windows Defender disabled.

eM Client was not set to close to tray on either installation.

Hey Russel,

In my opinion there are some aspects, that play together:

  1. Starting with Windows. It seems, as if this slows system start tremendosly. If a databas check starts, my system is near to unusable for up to ten minutes.
  2. If the automatic archive generation is activated, it seems to me, that the „chance of database check on start“ riseses significantly.
  3. Closing emClient before shutdown does NOT grant that a database check will not happen. I saw a running second emClient task (archiver ?), that did not close with the program. In this situation a shutdown may cause the database inconsitence.
  4. The more mails are active in the mailboxes, the more sensitive the emClient seems to be regarding database errors. In this case, the automatic archiving mechanism (less active mails) collides with the risk if it is still running after closing the program (speculation). After archiving 80% of my mails, it seems as if emClient is really mor robust.

I am using AVG AntiVirus / Internet Security on Windows 10 Pro/64bit, latest release. No „close to tray“.

  1. It has been discussed on this forum that the use of an SSD greatly improves the performance of eM Client. Out of interest, what type of primary storage are you using NoSi?

2 & 4. My tests did not include the use of automatic archiving as they were using POP3 accounts.

  1. This second task was infrequent after closing the application.

I am using classic discs (2x 1TB) on my all day machine where I am using emClient (no special testing area, “real life test”).

I have only pop3 accounts but creating archives reduces the amount of “active” mails, searching, loading of program, a.s.o. feels much faster.

Please note that while I have had the database check on numerous occasions, I have never lost any data and the check has always been negative for issues.

Hi Russel:

I am using Kaspersky Small Business Office Security and I do not have “Close app to tray” enabled.

Thank you for the comments.

Could you please send me your WM Trace logs from Menu > Tools > Settings > Advanced > Logging to email: markosky@emclient.com?

And also please check if eM Client keeps running in Task Manager after you close the app.

Thank you!

I have had protocol “all off” but I started them now. I will log a view days an have an eye on tasks, a.s.o. As soon as there is a relevant amount of logfile entries, I will send it to you.