eM Client v10 - Colors vs. Black and white

Hello everyone,

Now that a new major update, version 10, is finally coming out,
it would be time for the symbols to be colored, especially when writing the message.
Because everything is so boring, black and white.
In this day and age, every owner should have a computer that is fast enough to do this.
This was done many years ago, when computers were not yet as powerful.
And what use is the beautiful colored themes if all the symbols are so colorless.




I agree. emClient need more colors


I also agree. The B&W icons are really too flat and would need a colorful update

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I really hope this is finally added.
I can’t think of any email program at the moment that still has black and white symbols.

lunes 19 febrero 2024 :: 1444hrs (UTC +0100)

I am not really certain what ‘symbols’ are being referred to, however, I do not believe it would be a simple task to introduce colored symbols; just for a start:
How many different symbols are there?
How many colors would be required for each symbol?
Maybe I am wrong though suspect that if it is really a simple option it would have been incorporated already.
Just an opinion; perhaps a developer will comment.

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There are enough symbols as image files on the Internet.
You just have to stick to the spot in the picture.
A good example is TheBat!.
At Thunderbird, the position is already determined.
There, it is “only” necessary to specify the image files with CSS codes.

This was already discussed here:


Thanks for the link.