V10 Icon themes support

It will be nice if we be able to change the Icons of emClient 10 to eg something more colorful or add the ability to add our own.

Thank you

You can change the colour of icons in version 10.

Just right-click on a folder and choose Folder Color.

You can also set whether this is for both icon and name, or just one of them, in your Settings.

I think you misunderstood my question. I meant system icons.
v10 is a bit awful especially in dark mode compared to at least v9.


You can’t change Favorites folders, only your account folders.

Well it would be nice to add the possibility to change the iconset for all the folders.
Eg, to select v9 icon set or colorful iconset etc.

Thank you

I am not sure you have an idea how large the icon set of eM Client is. It is roughly 500 icons in 7 different resolutions + vector variants of all of them. I don’t think there is any available set you would be able to simply “exchange it for” even if we implement such an option. The thing I agree with you is that with super hi-res displays (such as 5k displays), the icons are too narrow and hardly visible (especially in dark mode). This is a known issue we work on and it’ll be fixed for the official release.

Axialis (and others) has a quite large SVG iconset for all purposes which can fit perfectly into emclient
you can take a look at their site. (Color, mono, flat, 3d etc etc).

Having a SVG(Vector) iconset you don’t need anything else it’s for all resolutions since it’s vector.

Now imaging having the option to replace the default emClient iconset with 3rd party iconset.
UI will look a lot of better and also let the USER to choose what style of icon prefers.

Eg, some prefer the “flat filled iconset like office 2019” instead of office 2021 style.

Thank you

Well, yeah this is nice in theory, but it really doesn’t work like that on desktop. Trust me, we spend hundreds of hours with icons for version 10. The problem is you can’t use vector icons for really small sizes of icons (for normal 100% dpi it means 16px) because it would be blurry and ugly. And it is almost impossible that the icon set would include all the ~500 icons and the rest of them would look really ugly. There are tons of other problems with icons, you need to have them all correctly aligned to match each other etc.

I don’t know what rendering engine you’re using for SVG but using Delphi with DevExpress SVG engine doesn’t seem to have any kind of problems with 16px icons. (even with complex svg as i attached screenshots below)

Anyway i guess you’ll keep doing your research on this and find a solution in a future update. :slight_smile:


I would also like to give my opinion on this.

I’m not a programmer, but I’ve used the email program The-Bat!,
when this became possible about 20 years ago, I created certain symbols myself using a painting program modified.
And also at Thunderbird, I modified a very good theme with symbols.
This really isn’t difficult.
How do you get 500 symbols?
You don’t have to do everything at once.
When I wrote a message, I only added the most necessary ones.
That’s true about the resolution.
Many have this problem.
But it is doable.
Otherwise, other common email programs wouldn’t have it.
eM Client has colored themes, but no colored icons.

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