eM Client on macOS: Memory Leak?

After running 5d10h, eM Client takes actual 4,27GB RAM.

macOS Monterey 12.1 Beta (21C5045a), eM Client 8.2.1687 (bf522f0), MacBook Pro 2019 (i7)

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Now, after 6d12h, 5,13GB…

Moterey 12.0.1lient 8.2.1687 (bf522f0), Mac Mini M1
Configured 3x mail + 1x o365
After run 566 MB
after 2 day 725 MB

I have an Exchange account. Within this account I have subscribed to 3 shared accounts.

I will keep an eye on it until the final v12.1 of macOS arrives. Then the next reboot will be due.

In case it’s relevant: the MBP16 has 32GB RAM.

6,12GB after 7d10h runtime…

In the entire time, eM Client was actively used for maybe 1h.

This may be an issue that is resolved with the change to .NET 6 in version 9 (to be released next year).

There are some things you can do to reduce the memory usage until then:

  1. Restart eM Client occasionally.
  2. Open the About dialog and press Ctrl+J, which may free up some memory

Ctrl+J triggers a GC dialogue, but has no visible effect.

Ok, then just restart more often. That would have been my approach anyway, but I wanted to observe the behaviour for a while. :slight_smile:

Thank you.

Edith: 342MB looks much better. :slight_smile:

v9 has the same issue. I let em Client run for 2 days now without shuting down the computer and the memory consumption was 1,2 Gbyte on Windows 11. After an em Client restart it went down to 350 Mbyte.

Ive been using the latest eM client V9.0.1317 version on Windows 11 (build 22000.527) on 2 computers for a few days and running for a day only get average 220MB memory usage in Task Manager (even when eM Client is checking mail). When its idle only uses average 139MB memory usage.

I too also close eM Client of a night time and start new everyday.

The only thing i can think of maybe causing the high memory usage after a day for this issue (unless there is a build eM Client issue on Mac) that’s not happening on the PC for me anyway, is that eM Client maybe still synching all the remote mailbox to the local computer and just hasn’t completed fully caching all the mail folders so is very busy doing that constantly till completed.

but we’re talking about “eM Client on macOS: Memory Leak?”, so with the EM information on win11 you’re a little off

but we’re talking about “eM Client on macOS: Memory Leak?”, so with the EM information on win11 you’re a little off.

I suspect though when the official eM Client for Mac V9 is released or updated shortly you then “shouldn’t have issues on your Mac” if you say there are memory leak issues now.

Latest V9 Beta 2 for Mac if you want to test that is 9.0.661 Thursday, January 20, 2022. https://www.emclient.com/release-history

Have you sent in V9 Mac Beta testing feedback on that issue to testing@emclient.com?

If you haven’t send that feedback on email with your computer specs.

Lastly if you do test Mac V9 Beta 2 backup first via “Menu / Backup” along the time.

Same here… MacOS 12.4 Uptime: 17 Days, 22 Hours… which is nothing… It is just since I got “this” Mac.
Normal Uptime for my Mac is some months… 12GB for an E-Mail-Client… this is insane…


Pleased quit and restart eM Client. What is the result?

Yes restarting the em Client will fix this and memory usage drops to several hundred MB.
But overall that is not the point. The client should cleanup its garbage itself while running and not eat up memory of the whole system over time. Consider this behavior on Workstation or Server which has to run for month,… this can not be the way it should work…