eM Client on macOS: Memory Leak?

@lancealot thank you very much again for your reply.
What you are writing sounds plausible – cross-plattform software is often not as efficient as native apps.

In the meantime, i configured two other accounts in emClient and the memory usage is now at 2.28 GB and Ctrl+J doesn’t help much anymore (2.5 GB after Crtrl+J) :-/
Puh … i would realy like to use emClient as my daily mail client but with such a high memory load on my machine, wich is more than 1/8 of total memory installed (16 GB), I am afraid this will be difficult.

It’s an Intel i7.

@digitalbricks out of curiosity, do these email accounts have a lot of emails? I am wondering if an account has a lot of emails it might be storing them in memory, or if the same usage occurs even for small email accounts.

How much memory does it use if you don’t have any email accounts added? That would give an idea also how much might be added by the accounts themselves being added when it comes to memory usage.

I agree that it seems it could be improved, and hopefully eventually the MacOS version matches the memory and cpu usage of the Windows version which seems to be very minimal in my personal usage. I used MacOS extensively in the past, and admit I always found a lot of software ported to MacOS usually used more memory and cpu. Part of the reason why I moved back to using mostly Windows, along with some software I really liked not being available for MacOS.

Don’t forget MacOS supports memory compression, so once your physical memory gets low it will compress inactive memory to avoid dipping into swap memory. So your 16 GB goes much further and it is possible some of the eM Client memory usage will get compressed.

There seems to be a lot of complaints with applications using a lot of memory on MacOS, even some OS processes:

@lancealot the three accounts added to emClient for testing do not have much mails inside – and I also limited the number by downloading also the least week. Without this one-week-limit these accounts may have about 300 mails in total wich is not much compared to some of my other mail accounts.

Right after the fresh install, with no mail account added, emClient took about 800 MB. But, having the activity monitor opend, I noticed that the memory usage rised over 1 GB quickly - still without having an account added.

Meanwhile the memory usage from my previous post of 2.5 GB lowered to 1.21 GB at the moment. So maybe there was some indexing done after adding the accounts which is now completed.

I just checked the memory used on my Mini Mac Intel CPU / 8GB ram / SSHD model with Monterey OS 12.6.1, and eM Client V9.2.1222 in the activity monitor is showing between 440-500mb of ram with 2 IMAP accounts totaling combined accounts 42,000 messages. eM Client Idle is 440mb when not being used. This is a fairly new clean install of Monterey and hardly any other programs installed as yet.

Closing and reopening the program is exactly the same in memory and doesn’t grow over 500mb.

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I think the goal on MacOS would be for the memory usage to be between 500MB-1000MB. Since you said the memory usage dropped, then some activities might cause it to spike as you said, but it will settle down over time. The goal is just to make sure a memory leak doesn’t exist where it continually grows to outrageous amounts.

Additionally, since @cyberzork said his memory usage was nearly half what you’re saying, it makes me wonder if MacOS Ventura might be part of the issue, which is a really new release. I have read elsewhere that MacOS Ventura seems to cause some software to use excessive memory. It makes me wonder if it might be something with the OS itself where it might be doing additional cache of some sort or a bug in the memory management handling. Regardless, I think eM Client using between 500MB and 1000MB is an acceptable goal given the fact it still does have some overhead with .NET.

As I said prior, I wouldn’t put too much into memory worries with things like memory compression and swap to very fast disk storage since you are more then likely to not even notice in the overall scheme of things. You more then likely to see usage change over time as activities complete, or the OS frees up memory it might be using for internal activities such as filesystem cache.

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@cyberzork and @lancealot Thank you for your replies.
Yes, maybe it is an issue with Ventura. I will keep an eye on this and will use emClient during the trial period as my daily driver for email. After that I will decide to purchase a license or stay with Apple Mail.
(Having emClient opened since today morning, the memory usage reached now 2,1 GB).