eM Client is not synced with Gmail

I use eM client version 9.2.1735 (3d90379) on Windows 11 (Build 23440).

I now noticed that my inbox on the eM client isn’t the same as on the website.
On the web interface of Gmail, I have 131 messages, but on the eM client, there’re only 88.
I recently had something similar on Mac (Gmail Inbox isn't synced), and I tried the same solution (right click → properties → repair), but it didn’t help.

Obviously, that makes it difficult to trust this client, as it seems I am missing messages…

One thing you want to do is disable conversations to get a count of messages. You do that by selecting Menu > View > Conversations > Disable Conversations. Otherwise you are looking at messages in webmail, but conversations in eM Client. The counts will be different.

If they still don’t match, try the repair again and remember you repair the All Mail folder not the Inbox.

If there is some issue syncing the account, you will find IMAP errors for the Gmail account in Menu > Operations > Log tab.

Another possibility is that Gmail is set to show only a set number of messages for IMAP. You will find this option in the webmail in Settings. It is the very last setting on the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab. If it is set to limit the folders, you won’t see all the messages.

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Thank you, Gary.

I tried everything you wrote. Unfortunately, the repair took some time, as I have a lot of emails.
The numbers still don’t match. Looking at the web interface, I have 195 messages, with 58 unread. In the eM client, I have 182 messages, with 50 unread.

There are no errors in the log for GMail (there is one for another account).
There’s no limit on IMAP.

There’s another discrepancy: in the title bar, it says I have 55 unread messages, while next to the inbox, it says only 47. See the screenshot below:

Thanks again