eM Client how to move onto the next email after deleting one

I am new to the eM Client Pro product. I do not use the read pane. When I open mail it is sorted by Received date. I open the first (oldest) email, I then read and delete it but rather than bringing up the next (un-read) email it display the previous email (which I have already read, but not deleted). i would like it to always show the next unread email after deleting the email. I cannot find how to set this.

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Hi Sulco,

I am also relatively new and trying to look for this function. So, I actually opened a support ticket on how to auto-advance to the next email after deleting or moving the email from the inbox. Unfortunately, this feature is not available. I hope we may see this feature in the future.

Here is their reply:


Thank you for your feedback.

We only offer one option you can change and that is to close the window after deleting the message.
Otherwise if you delete the item in the window, the next item will be opened. That can’t be changed. Sorry.

Thanks HotChoco for the reply. Not happy with that but at least I know that it does not do what I want.

There seems to be a workaround though.