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Hello everyone,

I have enjoyed the above-titled feature from Google Mail and Microsoft Outlook and am a bit sad to find that this feature is not available by eM Client; confirmed by the Support staff as I opened a ticket about it. Hence, I would like to post a feature request.

When you delete or move an email from an active window, it would be convenient if the client would automatically open the next email window from the same folder, such as “All Inboxes”, instead of manually clicking the following mail in the queue.

Auto-advance feature in Google Mail

Auto-advance feature in Outlook

Thanks for your attention, everyone. I hope you all have a great day!

There is a setting in Menu > Settings Mail > Read to close the window after deleting the message.

As long as that setting is not selected, eM Client will open the next message in the same window, after you delete the current one.

As far as I understand, moving the opened email will not advance to the next one right?

Unless you have selected to close the window on delete, deleting the the message when previewed in a separate window, will automatically display the next message in the message list.

Hi Gary,

Sorry, I don’t quite understand. What if I decide to move the email to another folder? For example, from Inbox > Procurements. Will the window move to the next email in the list? Is there an option for that? Thanks.

If you are in Inbox, and you open a message in a separate window, then move that message to another folder, the next message in the Inbox will be displayed in that window.

I would really like eM Client to work the same as Auto-advance feature in Outlook as shown above. If I start reading from the bottom of the unread list when I delete it, it falls back to the previous read message and not move forward to the next unread message. I really dont want to start at the newest message and go back in time reading my emails

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