eM client gmail login asking to access and control all google drive files


I’ve been happily using em client for some time to connect to my gmail accounts. However, after updating em client one of my gmail accounts is asking for re-verifciation, but in doing so it wants to access and control all of my gmail files! This seems rather over the top - I want to use em client for my mails and calendar and nothing else. Is there a way to just give it access to those? I can’t now access my mail through em client, and am very wary of pressing ‘Allow’

The Google Allow option window you are seeing as your screenshot showing with Drive and Tasks etc is correct & normal when you add a Google workspace accounts in eM Client" using the automatic OAuth email setup.

You are just telling Google to “allow eM Client access” to your Google account otherwise it won’t normally work.

eM Client is then shown as an an allowed app in your Google security section in third party apps.

Normally when you setup your Google account in eM Client via the automatic wizard you would normally see “mail, calendar, contacts, tasks, drive”, etc on the “Allow Access” Google window, so could be this specific account just didn’t show all the Google options when you initially added it before and it’s just prompting you to confirm.

If you only want to just have Mail and Calendar after adding a Google account in eM Client, you can disable those options showing in eM Client. I personally just normally leave them enabled.

Thanks for the helpful information.

Is a change for eM client 9? Does it now asks for extra permissions compared to eM client 8, such as full access to google drive?

Is there extra functionality in em client 9, that it requires permission to access google drive files?

Also, what is the privacy policy on this access?

Thanks in advance for your help

Is a change for eM client 9? Does it now asks for extra permissions compared to eM client 8, such as full access to google drive

No difference in permissions that I’m aware of when adding Google accounts. However someone will update this thread if incorrect. eM Client has supported the same secure Google OAuth sign-in permissions method since version eM Client 7

As I said above it could just be when that Google account was added previously it didn’t bring up those other normal Google options as it allways does for me when adding a Google account.

The only other thing I can think of is there is an option in V9 where you can add attachments via Google drive but that is usually optional anyway and you still have to allow that if you add it in. Similar when adding Dropbox, OneDrive etc.

So if you had previously eg: added Google Drive to eM Client for attachments and the Allow Google drive option maybe “did not appear at that time” to authorise eM Client now may have just prompted you to allow it as detected it.

You can see if you have previously added Google Drive for attachments in eM Client via “Menu / Settings / Mail / Attachments”.

So if you have allowed Google drive in eM Client attachments and don’t want that option, you can just remove / delete it in the above section. Then go to your Google security and remove eM Client Google Drive access. It’s normally “shown separately” from the main eM Client access in the Google Security third party apps section.

Thanks for all of the information! Its really helpful. I’ve got eM client set up again now, and am happy with what it is doing.

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I got the same thing as GinghamMonk mentions here. I know I’m joining the discussion quite a ways after the fact, but I am using v9 and one day after using this tool for quite some time I get asked to provide ALL of the same permissions. It seemed over the top and unnecessary. The thing is, there is not a piece meal approach as was discussed here. Heck, I don’t even have Google Drive listed in the Settings Mail Attachments section. And in terms of providing app permissions from within Google, there is no way to just disable Google Drive. It seems to be “all or nothing” in terms of what eM Client asks for when verifying with Google. And within Google one has only the option to remove all permissions for a given app. I can’t just tell Google to not go with Google Drive and use only mail and calendar. I assume that GinghamMonk decided that once understanding all of this to just keep them all, because I don’t see any other way to go here.

Also getting asked for FULL Google Drive permissions, and seems to be no way to disable it, even after removing Google Drive from Settings > Mail > Attachments > Cloud Storage.

This is a show-stopper for me – and rather asinine and deceitful of eM Client to REQUIRE this level of permission!

I’ll be requesting their 30-day money back guarantee. and spend my $$ elsewhere if a solution isn’t found!

This is Google’s requirement, not eM Client’s. Their API requires you give these permissions in order to access the server data through an email application. Unfortunately they don’t offer individual options. So you can’t just allow permission for Mail, and not allow permission for Calendar for example.

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You clearly don’t know what you’re talking about! Google Drive is a separate independent service than Gmail. Sure they can talk to each other, but OAuth permissions are separate and generally very fine granular (e.g., allow read, but not write). Nice try!

Please look at the image the original poster of this thread gave.

Is that what you are asking about?
If so that comes from Google, not eM Client.
They don’t provide any individual permissions, just one for everything.

Why don’t you login to Google and manage the OAuth permissions after the original login authentication takes place in eM Client: Manage third-party apps & services with access to your account - Google Account Help

I figured you could then go in and remove whatever permissions you don’t want to allow. Just a suggestion.

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Gary - it’s eM Client that’s requesting those permissions on behalf of the user. Please STOP spewing false information.

Lancealot – I’ve already tried that – Google won’t allow disabling individual permissions once authorized for an app.

eM Client’s support has already confirmed to me this isn’t possible for v9 – GDrive permission is NOT optional. And I’ve already got my refund. Case closed.

BTW: Take a look at https://www.getmailbird.com/ – they’ve done cloud storage integration right – it’s an opt-in, not force-fed!

I agree with @Gary that the Google API (provided by Google for developers to use) does control permissions (what appears) in the Allow window at the end of the email wizard setup and not eM Client.

Can you show proof eg: Google URL / Documentation that shows developers control all those permissions to prove what you claim ?

@cyberzork – Google “Oauth 101” to get a basic education in how this stuff works. Or try the Mailbird app (they have a free trial) or any number of other apps that have done it right.

You guys can continue to spew your false assumptions - I got my answer from the horses mouth (tech support) and my money back. So I’m out of here.