eM Client fails to shutdown cleanly when closes to tray

Doesn’t shut down right when closed to tray and Windows 7 64-bit is rebooted. Always checks databases on startup. Can’t be good for my data!

did Details button appeared after database check? If so, please send us the Details message.

Also you can try force repair of all your database files - Go to Start and Run the command (it can work a while): “C:\Program Files (x86)\eM Client\DbRepair.exe” /forcerebuild

No details button. The problem is that eM client does not shut down cleanly when it’s closed to the system tray and Windows is restarted. That causes the database check. It never finds anything but I’m worried that someday it will destroy all my data. eM client needs to handle the WM_EndSession message and close the same way it does when you select exit from the tray icon menu.

Yes, it took a while to figure it out, but when in systray it doesn’t get the shutdown message and complains on reboot. When window is in the taskbar, the shutdown is ok and no database is recovered.

It would feel good to get this fixed! :slight_smile:

Same problem W7 X64. While shutting down or rebooting windows, Emclient doesnt close, windows could wait for it forever. You have to click force app close button… On next start - stupid db check… why? Why other mail clients doesnt check DB even when I kill process??? Eg. Windows live mail, MS outlook, the bat, thunderbird…

Please fix this or remove that stupid DB check on startup! Thank you.

This problem will be fixed in version 3.1.

As a general point, it’s better to click the Cancel button and manually shutdown the app that refuses to close.

Force Close is a bit of a blunt instrument!

When will the version 3.1 released?

It was renamed to version 3.5 and it should be available in two weeks.

The problem still appears in 3.5 on winxp sp3 .

Great program but annoying when this happens each time i open the program.

It is very annoying. I have this problem with Windows XP Pro.

we are aware of this issue and we have made some changes - we hope this problem will not occur anymore. Next release will be available in couple of weeks. We appreciate your feedback.


George Wilson
eM Client

I have this problem on version 4! (win7 32bit)

Hello Eichhorn,
could you please describe your problem in more detail? What version are you using? How do you close eM CLient? It is possible, that eM Client remains in the Tray - please check it in your settings (Tools - Settings - General - Close application to tray)

Similar problem here:
Win 7 64bit
em 4.0.14690.0

Exit em client, but MailClient.exe still running.
If I start em again, a window pops up telling me that he cannot start because another instance is running.
I have to kill MailClient.exe with the task manager.
A new start of em client (whether in the same windows session or after a reboot) thus always starts with checking the database.


Vista 32bit
eMclient 4.0.15145.0

I minimize client to sys tray and then right click and exit.
If I then relaunch em client it does not open fully but returns to the sys tray.

I must always exit from open (maximized) client.


To klausjoehnk: Could you wait a bit longer to see, if the process ends normally? If not, please run the tool available from http://www.emclient.com/tools/emstack… when eM Client keeps running on the backround. It should generate a log file (starting with “eM Client Stack” in your Documents folder) that will help us analyze the problem in more detail. Please send this file to me: [email protected] Thanks.

To David: This is the intended behaviour - remember last window state.

I have a similar problem running Vista or Windows 7. Unless I physically open the EM Screen and close it, when I shut down, EM Client does not close correctly and goes thru the database check the next time I boot up. As I have a fair number of emails this takes around 5 minutes and slows everything else down.

It seems that when Windows shuts down and closes open programs it does not successfully close the EM application - or maybe ot leaves a flag in the application that makes it believe that there could be a corrupt database?

Either way it actually spoils an otherwise very nice application

Any advice please or are there any adjustments planned to the program?

we are still working on the fix. Meanwhile we recommend you to exit eM Client manually, or do not use the option “Close/Minimize application to tray”

I’ve written commercial email packages on 32-bit Windows in the past. I know exactly how to fix this. You just need to handle the the WM_QUERYSHUTDOWN and/or WM_SHUTDOWN messages posted to your notification icon’s owning window. You can then SendMessage() whatever your shutdown event is either back to itself directly call your shutdown procedure. I can assist you in fixing this if you’d have a developer contact me. [email protected]