eM Client deletes inbox emails then downloads them several times a day

Since yesterday eM Client has deleted all emails from my inbox several times and each time it then proceeds to download them again. Fortunately, my actual Outlook.com inbox is unchanged by this.
I’ve been using eM Client for a year or more now and have never seen this before. I have not made any recent changes to settings or to email accounts.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

me too

me too help

you getting the same error syncronization error DeltaSyncWtf5102

Yes, for no apparent reason, exactly the same has just started happening to mine too.

how long before they answer a ticket normally?

me too , help please 

Same problem here: in em Client my hotmail inbox has had all emails deleted back until 2013.  Also got the ‘DeltaSyncWtf5102’ error in the log

Think this might be relevant: https://forum.emclient.com/emclient/topics/every-few-weeks-em-client-decides-to-delete-my-hotmail-in…

and if you do decide to switch to IMAP for outlook.com/hotmail then the relevant settings are here: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-GB/windows/outlook/send-receive-from-app

Me too, with my hotmail (i.e. Outlook) inbox, EXCEPT it’s not re-downloading them! Is there anything I can do about it?? It’s just my inbox - all other hotmail folders are there!!

Does this mean I should delete and then add my hotmail account again as IMAP?

What I’ve done is set my broken hotmail account to ‘disabled’ for the moment then added it again as ‘other/Imap’ using the settings from the microsoft page.  The new account hasn’t finished syncing yet but already the inbox is up to date.  Once I’m happy with everything I plan on deleting the original broken account.

see my reply above - adding a new hotmail account using the IMAP settings seems to work

what imap settings did you use

tried that i got select command is not permitted

Thanks - it had a little fit about the IMAP settings but seems to be working now! Good luck!

Yes I had the same - it failed to connect in the wizard initially then I think I clicked the ‘Fix’ button’ (or whatever is was called) and that seemed to sort it out

Use the settings from the microsoft page above.  If you get an error when connecting to IMAP in the new account wizard thing then click the ‘Fix’ button (not sure if that’s the correct label but it’s pretty obvious when you see it) and that should then sort it out

Yes, I clicked ‘Fix’ and also swore very loudly and it started working.

setting up with imap seems to work now with @live accounts  but make sure you copy and paste the microsoft setting for SMTP from the link above, Imap setting will sort there selfs out

Fixed ! All seems to work now! i also swore several times as folders didnt seem to work seems ok now though faster response here than the ticket system