eM Client crashes every few minutes

Hello to all.

I just started using eM about a week ago. Love it, but starting to hate it.

I can’t get any work done due to eM constantly crashing. No error message, no pop up to warn me, absolutely nothing.

When I go to restart it, it runs through it little diagnostic, takes about 2 minutes (I have 18 emails accounts) for it to check everything. Never comes up with any errors in the database or anything, but the crash always comes.

If you are using Windows 11, this is most likely because of a bug in the Windows UI automation. It has been discussed extensively here.

You can run eM Client in Window 8 compatibility mode to bypass the issue until Microsoft can fix it.

Thanks for the reply. I´ve taken those steps, uninstalled and reinstalled and started from scratch… results remained the same. Was thinking maybe the amount of accounts of the mix of the types of accounts. But I have been able to reproduce it on a Windows 10 machine as well, thus no mention in my post of what version of Windows I was running

Is this is a widespread problem? Because I’m not seeing the issue reported out in the wild.

Since the issue with eM Client has been ongoing since late last year, it seems (to me) the issue is with eM Client, not Microsoft. It would be up to eM Client to work around Microsoft, not the other way around.

It depends what you are asking about. If eM Client is continually crashing on Windows 11, then the issue is most likely a bug in the Windows 11 OS, which Microsoft are aware of and have already fixed in the Insider Developers Preview. Please look at the link I gave above where this was discussed.

Hmm. I know with one of the last few versions eM Client was crashing frequently, but it was just ONE version of eM Client. After updating to 2082 the crashing stopped. Coincidence?