eM Client Calendar has stopped sending reminders

I have discovered very recently that the eM Client Calendar has stopped sending me reminders. I could have missed a hospital appointment, potentially a serious matter. I need the Calendar to work!
This morning I installed the very latest eM Client update. I have done my best to make sure that various features are eM Client by default, and that includes the Calendar. Since then I have rebooted the computer, then I have tried several Calendar tests, setting up timed events, and setting it to send me a notification a number of minutes before, before saving it and moving off the calendar back to emails, with eM Client continuing to run. In each case the times have well passed, and no reminders have been received. Help please! (I am on Windows 10.)

I can confirm this problem.
EmClient: 8.1.1087
Windows 10 Home 20H2 x64, Build number: 19042.804

I am not sure if it has something to do with it, but I manually updated from 8.1.1060.0 to 8.1.1087. I can’t tell if the events were already gone with 1060?

@Jeremy3 What version are you using?

Version 8.1.1054 (582ba95) apparently the very latest and I updated to it earlier today. My Calendar problem started before that however and I do not know what the penultimate version was!

Can you try enabling or disabling System Notifications.

If System Notifications is ticked, the reminders are done through Windows 10 action center. If System Notifications are unticked, the notifications come from eM Client itself.

Maybe there will be a difference for you.

Just to let you know @Jeremy3:

The release history mentions 1060 to be the latest for windows [1], and there is even a more recent 1087 if you choose to download from the start page[2]

[1] Release History | eM Client
[2] https://www.emclient.com/dist/latest/setup.msi

Thanks. I see things a bit differently to you. I have:

Windows 10 Home Version 1909
Installed on 17/09/2019
OS Build 18363.1440

Under System “Notifications & Actions” “Get notifications from apps and other senders” is “On”. Under “Get notifications from these apps” I then have a long list of apps, and I have turned eM Client to “On”.

I do not have “Use system notifications” as in your screenshot, though it may be covered by one of the above.

I see that I have two or three Windows updates to install, they do not look very important and I do not know why they were not installed automatically. Additionally this afternoon for the first time I have received notification that support for my current version of Windows is about to expire, and that I need to install something to deal with that. I will not want to be doing anything like that until I have backed everything up, something that will take me a while to organise! In any case I cannot really imagine that the new problem with the eM Client Calendar has anything to do with Windows 10.

I quite often record videos from my screen, so when eM Client is shut down I definitely do not want any sounds or banners shooting across the screen!

Thanks. I’ll look into those. When in eM Client Menu I click on “Check for update” it replies “There is no update available”, why would it do that if there is a newer version? Perhaps any newer version is not for my particular System?

You need to enable system notifications in eM Client if you want to take advantage of those Windows notification settings you mentioned.

Then you probably want to disable notifications, both directly from eM Client and Windows.

Updates are not released to all users at the same time, but you can check the Release History if you want to make sure you are using the latest…8.1.1087 is not listed as an official release, although that is what you get when you download from the page @Peter_Tr mentioned. Who knows why? :crazy_face:

I tried the Windows as the inbuilt notification system.
It seems that notifications are only shown for the time of the notification, but not for the event start itself.
So If I create a new appointment at 1pm and set the notification to e.g. 30min before, I will get a Windows/Inbuilt notification for 12.30 but there won’t be a notification at the event start.

Yes, that is correct.

If you want the notification 30 minutes before, set it like that. If you want the notification at start, set it like that.

Unfortunately you can’t have both. :upside_down_face:

One can’t have both? Since when?
I was quite sure, it would give you a reminder for the event start as default.

@Gary Ok, then the reminder feature works for me now as supposed.

@Jeremy3 I had a few restarts in the mean time. Now I get a reminder again (as described by Gary exactly for the point of time chosen).

Never been there, but you can add your support to the Feature Request for this at:

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Thank you @Gary

I hope the initial problem of @Jeremy3 can be solved as well?

Many thanks Gary for your quick and comprehensive help. Once I had understood from you that the “System Notifications” you were referring to were actually in eM Client itself

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Thanks Peter_Tr for your helpful suggestions. The problem has now been solved and the Calendar is now once again sending me reminders in the way that I want. End of my request for help.

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