Any plans to support multiple reminders for calendar events?

Are there any plans to support multiple reminders for (CalDAV) calendar events? Many servers (e.g. OS X Calendar Server for one) support this and this is something we use heavily on OS X / iOS. The lack of this in eM Client CalDAV support is the one big niggle with what is otherwise an excellent product.



Unfortunately not at this moment, but I will make this topic into features request so users can +1 this and we will find this easier before company meetings.

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I would also like to have this feature!!!

+1.  SUPER handy feature in google calendar.  Hate that when we sync we only get one of the reminders.

So if I’m understanding this correctly - we use eM Client for emails then Google Calendars to get reminders??? Why hasn’t this been fixed?  Maybe google is the better choice for all. 

Hello Kristina, I’m not quite sure what you’re suggesting, eM Client supports reminders however it does not support multiple reminders for a single event or task, only one at the moment.


The only type of reminder is a pop up.  What it I’m not at my computer?  What good does a pop up do?  Will emails or even SMS reminders ever be implemented? *edit* just did another test event.  This time it not only popped on my screen but also popped on my cell?  Ideas as to why?  If that is the case - this may be fine however multiple reminders - maybe a hour before event - and then 10 mins before would be preferred.   Is something like that in the works? 

Hello Calendar accounts can be synchronised both with your computer as well as your smart phone for example, if you have the calendar synchronised with your phone, reminder will notify you on your mobile device. SMS reminders, most likely, will never be implemented, eM Client is an offline client at the moment.


I just started with the software and it’s great! The reminder feature was exactly why I installed this. The Google and Evernote ‘reminders’ are too subtle or unreliable. For that reason multiple reminders would be just fantastic. I don’t know if there is any chance of implementation considering it was requested 2 years ago and not implemented, but if it’s worth anything, consider this my vote. Once again, thank you for the great software. Please allow multiple reminder to make it better.

Glad I came across this thread. I did an emClient trial a few years ago. Loved it and was considering a Pro purchase since I have multiple accounts. I took a look today for this specific feature since Gmail itself now supports multiple reminders. Since I would not be able to set those up in emClient, I guess there’s no reason for the purchase.

I also would not consider purchasing emclient without having multiple reminders.  This is a must have feature these days.  It’s hard to believe that this feature is still missing in 2017.  Most, if not all, modern calendars have multiple reminders.

I use Thunderbird’s Lightning for my calendar, and it does not have multiple reminders. Don’t think Outlook has it either.

Lightning is a resource hog, and not worth using in my personal opinion.  And both products you mention are free.  Outlook is free if you are a Windows user. 

My comment is directed towards paying for a product that doesn’t meet my requirements.  Not comparing it to free alternatives.  My comment is intended and directed at the management of emClient, pointing out that what it would take to get my money.  emClient is not a open source project, but a for profit company.  I’m not looking for a open debate on the topic, but intending to shame emClient into adding a needed feature, which other users have also been asking for., and 2 years later still haven’t added. 

Even you admit you don’t use emClient for your calender, but a free open source project.  What does that tell us?  It tells us that the emClient calendar is not even better than Lightning.  Which is sad. 

Add this feature emClient staff, and I’ll give you my money.  You send me emails all the time asking me to pay for a license.  Today I considered it, and looked for this feature.  It’s not there, you lost a sale.  Statistically that means you are loosing sales from other people as well.

I’ve emailed emClient staff before asking for rules features that are in Thunderbird, and they weren’t willing to add them either.  Back then that also stopped me from buying a license and switching my email client to emClient from Thunderbird. 

emClient staff, you have to give me at least the features that are in the free products for me to pay for a license.  Gmail has multiple reminders.  Once you are used to using multiple reminders you can’t go back to one…like I used in Palm Desktop 20 years ago, or in emClient today, 2017.

Outlook is only free under the Office 365 trial program. When the conditions of the trial are complete, it is no longer free.  eM Client is only free for personal use. Thunderbird is the only one of the three that is free under any conditions. But there is nothing wrong with free alternatives. 100% of the world’s top 500 supercomputers run on free operating systems. In that case free is better, not because of price, but because of performance and functionality. Otherwise why would it be used?

But whether it is free or not, it if it does not meet your needs, don’t use it. Use one of those modern calendars that does. Most, if not all, modern calendars have multiple reminders right, so there are plenty to choose from. :slight_smile:

The reason I don’t rely on eM Client for calendaring, is that there is some problem with syncing shared Google calendars. But otherwise eM Client’s calendar/agenda is way better than Lightning, even though eM Client is more resource hungry.

But in the end eM Client is not an open source project. The direction it takes is not dictated by free users, no do they contribute towards it’s code. All you can do, as with MS Outlook, is to put forward your ideas. If it is possible and within the overall scope of what they are trying to accomplish, I don’t see that they would not give serious consideration to any idea.

Outlook and Thunderbird do have multiple reminders.

What is the state of affairs regarding multiple reminders? Its a long time ago this was first requested. I realy do like eM Client, but without this feature I will have to go back to Thunderbird.

As an FYI, Thunderbird DOES indeed offer multiple reminders per calendar event. Under reminder, click on CUSTOM and you can add multiple reminders.

This is an important missing feature … I was considering purchasing eM Client, but the only missing feature (which is very important to me) is the being able to set multiple reminders for a calendar event.
Hope you add this feature soon!

The reason I have not purchased em client is because a “multiple reminders” feature is not available. 

I almost missed a vet appointment today because I created a calendar event through eM client a couple weeks ago which only had the default “10 minutes before” alert instead of multiple. I was not amused. Please fix this :frowning: