Any plans to support multiple reminders for calendar events?

My +1 … Still the reason I might stick to Thunderbird.
For important meetings where you need to prepare stuff, it is a very good idea to have a reminder a day in advance (or more), and let’s say and hour before the appointment starts
Please implement this!

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Yes would be good to have a multiple calendar reminder function for different notification times for a specific event when setting and event in EMC calendar directly.

I currently personally use EM Client and a Google & Live account calendars, and setup multiple calendar event reminders (via the Gmail & Outlook mobile apps) as is the only way i can do that atm.

+1 to the extreme

i’ve just migrated to eM Client and really like it but the loss of all my multiple reminders is REALLY unsettling.

some items in my life are “remind me the day before” then also “remind me 2 hours before” and then ALSO “remind me 30 minutes before” like for super important things such as Mom’s birthday. this reminds me to send a card, be home and not fussing around, and then to place a call.


I created an account just to say please implement this option !
I will use your software when you will implement the multiple reminder for an event.

I would love this feature as well.

So, we’re now in 2021. This thread starts in 2013 and there is still no support for multiple reminders! Come on emClient, pull your finger out! This is a useful features which many email clients have. Surely it can’t take more than eight years to add!

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Staff/management at Em Client appear to be unaware of the importance of basic calendar functions like multiple reminders per event (and choice of email or notification of those reminders). This would be worth the price of admission beyond free version. Why limit yourselves to that return on investment? 3 years of neglected requests indicate there may be copyright/permissions cost issues, and programming experience deterrence issues.
Regardless, the free version is an excellent product, while using Google for all Event Programming of calendar events with multiple reminders.
But I don’t understand why a “For Profit” Em Client company would only want to cater to a “Free” customer base. :slight_smile:
My sincere hopes and best wishes for Em Client’s profit growth … IF I could… I’d send you Multiple Reminders About it! :slight_smile:

+1 and it’s a shame this is still not implemented - first request was 2013!!!

+1, Thank you for considering this feature. It is super helpful to have multiple reminders set (e.g. reminder to prepare for an event, reminder of time to depart, and time to go/login to meeting room. Also simply if the first reminder is missed). Can we also please have a status on the number of upvotes and if there is any current effort or barrier to implement this? Also, I am not sure if I am upvoting correctly. The only option seems to be to “love/heart” the original or inline posts. Thank you.

Multiple event notifications is important enough for me to be a deal breaker.

Please give us more than just one notification. As others have said, I need to be reminded the day before, then an hour before to prep to be on camera, and then ten minutes before to be sure I log in before the event begins for everyone else. If I have to drive somewhere, I need to be able to be sure I trigger a notification to leave on time, and one to give me time to prepare to leave, and things like that. If it’s far in advance, I need to be reminded the week before, so I don’t accidentally promise a client I’m available. Everyone has a lot of reasons why we need more than one. Maybe just limited to three would be fine, but one is too limited.

+1 for sure. I would this this feature a lot if it was an option

PLEASE add this feature! I missed a few online meetings without this especially when I’m deep in work. BTW this was first requested 9 YEARS AGO??? Please add ASAP!

Another (lifetime license) user here saying we need this ASAP.

A good example is appointments that have a no refund policy on cancellations within 24 hours. I need to be reminded of the appointment the day before, then again 1 hour before the appointment time.

So, the issue(s), if I understand it correctly, it’s that

  1. eM Client won’t see more than the first reminder, it wil not notify multiple times?
  2. In eM Client I can’t add multiple reminders?
  3. If I edit an event with multiple reminders defined, I will cripple it by removing the reminders eM Client doesn’t see?

(For my use case, I rely mostly on my phone for the actual reminders, so while it’s inconvenient that eM Client lacks multiple reminders, it’s not a show stopper for me.) :sweat_smile:

I really would like eM Client to have this feature.

+1 A very nice feature I could use

This future should be a must for this fantastic client. +1
Please add it :slight_smile:

Do you know what would be a must? A calendar that actually can warn you of duplicate events. Not even Google Calendar does. Our Groupwise Client by Micro Focus at our workplace has this feature, and it has for more than a decade.