Em client bt issues

Hello there, 

I am not sure if anyone is having issues with connecting to bt over the last week or so. 

I have at least 3 customers that are having issues with connecting with POP3 and Imap, I have removed and readded the accounts and checked the credentials and port settings. 

Em client diagnostics confirm that it is fixed but still comes up with issues saying it cant connect to the server. 

Not sure if it is Em client or if it is BT 

Please see https://forum.emclient.com/emclient/topics/emclient-is-not-downloading-email-from-bt

I see the thread, but is there a solution for this? I’ve got no option but to ditch emclient if this isn’t resolved. Is it BT or emclient that’s the problem here?

Its happening to some users on outlook too which is frustrating. 

The only thing I can suggest is using the webmail online to access emails. 

We will have to be patient and hope for the best. 

The issue is with your email provider Ben. 

Thanks Gary, should have known it would be that mob. What now? do emclient complain to BT, as I assume this affects premium members too - or is it up to us to get in touch with them?

I think it is up to you. BT is aware of the issue and apparently resolved it for Pro Licence users who contacted them.

Don’t let them kid you that this is the first they have heard of it. LOL!

I have several clients (customers) with the same issue.  Have verified server names, ports, SSL etc. and tried alternative email clients. Windows 10 mail said it couldn’t create the account.  Mozilla Thunderbird works with IMAP but reports issues.  I think it’s BT :-)  Have read somewhere v6 of EM Client is OK but not v7 but not tried older version yet (assuming it’s obtainable)

The older versions are available in the Release History, but the version 7 database is not backward compatible with version 6, so you will need to start with a blank database. 

There are also many functions that are not there in 6. It is probably more practical to use the web interface until BT fixes this issue.