eM Client and MAPI

Does anyone know if eM Client also supports MAPI or only Exchange Web Services?

Please take a lokk at Compatibility | eM Client

Thanks for the link.
Unfortunately, it does not show whether eM Client also supports MAPI.

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MAPI means what?

You want to send messages from another application and use eM Client as the mail transport? If, so, yes that is possible, like when generating a message in a database application which passes the recipient and body text information to a new message window in eM Client.

Extended MAPI is the main e-mail data access method used by Outlook, to interface to Microsoft Exchange, via MAPI service providers shipped with Outlook.

Hello Sven

Extended MAPI is a closed-source proprietary protocol by Microsoft, so we are unable to support it. So that is used in the connection between a Microsoft client and server.

Simple MAPI is used in the example I gave with the database, and that is supported in eM Client. That is passing the information from one application, into a new message compose window in eM Client.

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OK, great.

When I send a test mail to my account, the mail appears much later in eM Client (EWS) than in Outlook (MAPI).
Hence the following question:
Which is more usable with eM Client? Simple MAPI or EWS?
Both are supported by the Hosted Exchange service at my provider.

In eM Client the EWS Inbox is synced with the server once every minute. That may account for the delay.

Simple MAPI is not a protocol used to connect to the server, it is the protocol used to pass data from another application in your OS to a new message window in eM Client. When you click on Send in the new message window, it will need to connect to your server either with EWS, or SMTP.

OK, many thanks for your information.

In the combination of Exchange Server (at my provider) and Outlook, I receive e-mail via push directly after it arrives on the server. This seems to work differently with eM Client.

Therefore, unfortunately, I will have to continue using Outlook, because with Outlook I receive the mails without delay.