eM Client 6 update, Gmail and OAuth

In the past few weeks there have been reported problems while using eM Client and authenticating with Gmail servers using 2-step verification. The application notifies users about JavaScript being disabled in default browser.

Our developers have inspected this in detail and discovered that the embedded OAuth features are being blocked by Gmail servers for Internet Explorer. Since IE is currently the default browser for eM Client 6, this has been marked as the root of this problem. Please note that we’re working on the new version 7 which will feature Chromium to replace IE as the default browser.

The workaround for the issue is in the newest update for version 6; it should be offered to you automatically or available in the Check for Updates option.
Or you can download the update manually from this link if you’re experiencing the issue - http://www.emclient.com/dist/v6.0.241…

Awesome. I just finished successfully setting up a Gmail account with 2-factor. Thanks!

As have I. This is great news. Thank you for getting this fixed.

This is excellent news Olivia. However, my Pro license has run out. Is there any way I can get an extension on that please? Would like to get a real chance to evaluate the pro version.


Also thx for the update on the IE to Chromium change. 

Good evening, in version 7 you set Chrome as browser instead of IE? Wouldn’t it not more logical to Edge? It would be more logical? Cordialements.

The updated version is not working for me, I even tried changing my default browser to Chrome with no luck.  The 2-factor auth keeps tripping it up.

This might be something on the particular PC. It worked fine on two others.

Hi Akshay,
the only difference in functionality with PRO license is having the opportunity to have unlimited email accounts set up. If you sign up and try using FREE license, all features will still be available to you, but you will only have 2 email accounts available.
Unfortunately there is no way to reactivate a demo version on your device once it runs out.


Hi Perrin,
the default browser is tied to many core features of the application itself. Changing this core was a big part of the development changes and caused the delay on releasing version 7.
You can read about the Chromium core on our blog - http://www.emclient.com/blog/what-to-…


Hi Tamara,
it does not matter what your default browser is, as the application will always try to use the one that is set at its core.
Could you please go to Tools>About sections and screenshot this window for me? Maybe the update didn’t finish correctly and you might still be running the old version.


Good evening Olivia, simply, I’m wondering why choose Chrome instead of Firefox? While Edge is the newest browser? It is clear that if the 7 version work correctly with Chrome, I think that many users will be disappointed and go to other courrielleurs! Kind regards. PS: Email Client works with Windows, the ideal browser is the Windows… so Edge!

Posted in the Forums about this issue, fix now does the job, 2FA worked a treat at last.  

Windows 10 64bit



Hi Olivia, let me ask you if like with IE, Chrome will allow us to open Em Client by clicking on an icon? With IE it was what I was currently doing. In addition I says that I have no problem with Em Client with Edge as your default browser and also on the same machine Firefox and IE! . Kind regards

Hi Perrin,
do not worry, you will not feel the change of the eM Client core at all, this will just make the application itself run smoother. It will not in any way affect the use of your actual default browser, it just decides what eM Client itself will use.


What a shame! Hoping to try eM Client but unable to get to Gmail (my only email account) because of the issue with 2 factor authentication.  Screenshot of version:
Win 10 Home 64 bit, Dell XPS15, using Firefox as default browser, not intending to install Chrome

the current issue was still with Internet Explorer, do you have that one up to date? (also you will not need to install chrome, this is just information concerning the inner working of the next version)
Does the 2-step verification fail after you input the numerical code or before?


Cool, thaks :slight_smile:

On IE11, latest version.  2 step verification failed when numerical code did not send to cell phone.

However, tried it again today, and it worked!! ???  Not sure what has changed, perhaps had an update on IE or Win 10 ??

i installed eM client but contact, calendar , chat & task were not downloaded at the left side of the bottom.