eM Client 6 update, Gmail and OAuth

Hi Kheder,
your issue does not seem to be connected to this thread’s topic.
Please make a new forum thread about your problem and include more details about your problem after your account set up and what account you tried to setup in the first place.


Pro user. I installed the referenced update. 2 factor auth worked, until it didn’t. now I’m locked out of my email unless I use the webclient version of gmail. I’m using Google Authenticator on my Android smartphone to get the code.

for @perrin and @CSC; the version of “Chrome” Olivia is talking about is the Chromium browser rendering engine that is used internally within emClient itself. There is no external reference in eMclient to the installed browsers installed onto the system running eMclient.

I fixed it!

Go to My Account in the affected Gmail account:

On the Google Account page, the bottom half of the page has three sections. On the left hand section is “Sign-in and security”:

Click on “Sign-in & security”. On the second half of the page (scroll down) you will see:

Click on “App passwords”:

I’ve already fixed my system (don’t mind the spelling of “Windwos”; happens all the time!). You need to “Select app” and pick “Custom”. Select “the most recent copy of “Windows” in the list” that follows. Click “Generate”. Copy (Ctrl + c) the password that is generated in “the yellow portion of the window” into the clipboard.

If eMclient is open, select on the menu Tools | Accounts. Select the affected Gmail account on the left sidebar. Select the Diagnostics tab of the account on the right hand side. Click Diagnose. A box will pop up asking for the password. You already have it in the clipboard. Click in the password field and Paste (Ctrl + v) the Google-supplied app password into the box. Click OK.

That should work.

Steve Taylor
Taylor Computing, Cheney, WA