eM Client 6 setup.msi does not install

Will not install free version 6. Clicked on “run” for setup.msi and nothing opens. Looked at previous answers, but they do not help. Even downloaded .NET FRAMEWORK 2 Service Pack.

Hi, where did you download the installer, did you download it from our website? Can you try downloading this version http://www.emclient.com/dist/v6.0.20154/setup.msi ?

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I have the same problem. Win 7 x64 setup here, with current Thunderbird installation and BitDefender Antivirus (2014). I downloaded from the above Employee link, but continue to receive the same eM Client Setup error message:

“The Windows Installer Service could not be accessed. This can occur if the Windows Installer is not correctly installed.”

I have never had this error message before and believe it is incorrect and it appears the fault lies with the installation package.

Please advise…

Hi, can you maybe try disabling your antivirus software or make an exception for the application? So we can be sure it’s not causing the issue?
Could you also try checking your Task Manager if MailClient.exe process is there or not?

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Paul, no MailClient.exe process shows up as an active process and when I exceptioned the setup.msi, it still ends the installation prematurely with the same error message.

I did not try to disable BD however…for various reasons.

So is it the same issue as before, or did you manage to get further when allowing the setup.msi. I’m afraid that the issue is really caused by another software.


Please try to install an other program using msi installer to check if the problem is related to eM Client installer only. Thank you. 

Changed to Internet Explorer and activated “Run” in download window.  Menu did not appear.  MailClient.exe does not appear in Windows Task Manager either.  Roger

Hi, I’m not quite sure what you mean by “changed to Internet Explorer”, did you try using any other .msi setup, from a different application?

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I used the latest Winzip to open the mailclient.exe, but the file would not open.  Then tried the Internet Explorer download function followed by “Run” and it did not install (mailclient-setup.msi-menu did not appear).  That is what I meant when following your suggestion to use a different application.  Windows Installer is “running”.

You don’t have to use Winzip to open MailClient.exe, if you have the installer (the setup.msi file), just open this file without using any application to do so, just double click the file and installer should run.

But if you have a MailClient.exe file on your computer that would mean the application has already been installed.

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No MailClient.exe on computer (task manager does not show it running.  Will access your website and try again.

Double-clicked setup.msi but nothing happened (no pop-up window to install).  No MailClient.exe on computer.

Hi again, can you please send me an email, describing the issue to mcgregor@emclient.com? Maybe add a reference link to this forum topic.

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Hi Paul. I did deactivate the BD software, but same-o same-o. 

BTW, I did check the internal files in the .exe installer (also with 7ZIP) and they all seem to be there and okay. No other major software except System Explorer 4.6 and Thunderbird is running at the install attempt time. 

Let me modify that last statement. I also use MirrorFolder with a software mirrored Raid1 to another drive and have Google Drive installed…and a few small TSR’s.

It appears that Windows installer is loading correctly initially. Attached is a bit of a screenshot to show the execution thread.

Hi, I can’t see any screenshot, can you please post it again?

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Paul, I spent a great deal of time working through the problem and finally discovered the culprit. I had re-installed a version of MirrorFolder back on this workstation, due to some oddball probs with Acronis True Image and had a need for some timely backup.

MirrorFolder pointed the Windows Installer to the mirrored drive (!), which in turn caused the install to fail. It was just a hunch as I had hit the wall with everything else, as reinstalling Windows Installer and every other trick in the book had failed to produce results.

SO ANYWAY…I have sucessfully installed the eM Client 6 software now and will be testing it with multiple accts over the next couple of weeks.

Congrads on having a good and easy migration path to eM from Thunderbird! If all continues to function well, I’ll most probably be a new (paying) customer.

Hi Stephen, I’m so glad the application is now working for you, if you come across other issues or you have any more questions about the application, let us know.

We’ll be happy to help,