eM Client 6.0 Release Candidate available

we’ve just released eM Client 6.0 Release Candidate.
We have fixed almost everything you reported in
a beta phase and version 6.0 is now ready for a prime time.
We plan an official release the week.

You can download eM Client 6.0 RC here:

Boa tarde,
Algumas sugestões para novas atualizações:
1 - Melhorar Regras de e-mail (colocar opção - contenha) para “De, Para, CC, CCo”
2 - Função para para limpar todos spam / lixos por conta ou todas as contas de e-mail
3 - Chat Facebook não conecta.
4 - opções de plugins (widgets)- colocar anexos grandes em box.com ou google drive.

Parabéns pelo seu trabalho!

André - DUMP - Brasil

Same issue with flagged emails as in beta 2.
The flags applied in EM Client do not show up on the exchange server.
Also the flags from the exchange server are also not flagged emails in Em Client.
I tried it with Outlook 2013, there it works.
So your exchange support seems buggy.
Would really love to replace Outlook, since Gmail is my second address and your gmail support is far superior inlcuding calendar and contacts (compared to Outlook).
But I really use email flagging a lot for keeping track of open tasks.
Can you take a look into that problem?
Exchange Server running is:
Mailbox server Microsoft Exchange version: as reported by the Office Web Access.

Thanks for your help.

I hope it fixes the spam filter. I get tons of spam and have either blacklisted the email or the domain on all of them several times. I send them from my Bulk Mail to my junk email with instructions to blacklist the domain and then I delete them from my junk mail and then from my trash but the same ones keep coming back day after day. Am I doing something wrong? Other than the above problem I like eM Client a lot.

The Snap feature bug that I reported for Beta 2 on Win7 is still in RC. But, it’s slightly different now.

When I try to Snap the window by dragging its bottom border to the taskbar (after first moving the window by its title bar), not only does the window go beyond (and behind) the taskbar (as it did before), but now, the Operations window opens with the phrase “There are no operations in progress.”

It’s as if the eM Client window is registering a phantom mouse-click event on its status bar. (Normally, the Operations window opens when you click-and-release on the status bar without dragging it.)


I have more to report on this issue, which may help the team debug it.

If I click-and-drag the one-pixel bottom-most border of the eM Client window down to the taskbar, the Win7 Snap feature works just fine.

But, if I click-and-drag from a point that is two or more pixels “inside” of the bottom-most border of the window, the window border can be stretched underneath the taskbar, and the Snap feature fails to work. Plus, the Operations window appears.

Great! Most of my problems seem to have gone away. Just 2 left that effect me, that I can see so far.

The category colour block in the calendar still disappears under a long title.

I am set to send all messages as plain text, but if the mail is started from a link, such as photo software that prepares pictures for emails and opens a new mail with the pictures ready attached, it defaults back to HTML, overriding my setting

I still have problems with the way you auto-select whole words and would like to turn it off, but I realise it is how you intend it to be, not a bug. I also can end up with text fixed to the screen till I log off or reboot it I get my clicks wrong when selecting text, but I think that could be a specific to my graphics card

The Calendar no longer remembers which sub-calendars in my Gmail account I have selected.

The first time I opened RC, all of my sub-calendars were checked and visible.

When I closed and re-opened RC, all but one of my sub-calendars were unchecked and invisible.

Now, no matter which sub-calendars I check to make visible, if I close and reopen RC, only the second sub-calendar in my list of sub-calendars is checked and visible.

Well… it turns out I don’t need to close and reopen eM Client for it to forget which sub-calendars I have checked and made visible.

If I continue using eM Client long enough, it eventually clears the checkmarks for (and makes invisible) all but one of my sub-calendars.

Yes, I am having the same problem. When I go back to Calendars after a work in the Mail section I am presented with the second sub-calendar in my list of sub-calendars checked and visible.

The issue related to visible table lines in the signature of a new message is still present in RC version. I know it’s not a real bug, but…

Same here!

Another exchange related issue:
Seems that EM Client is not automatically receiving the emails in real-time (being pushed from exchange server).
I compared it to Outlook 2013, both programs opened side-by-side, using same exchange server, and sending an email from a webmail interface of another email address.
Outlook shows the email in incoming box in realtime, whereas EMClient does not receive the email before starting a pull from the server.

Is Email pushing from an exchange server not supported by EM Client? Is it “listening” for incoming emails?

I still hope that all the exchange related issues will be sorted out before the final release as exchange support is the great new feature of version 6.

New emails not showing up for Gmail account in RC, reverting to beta 2 solves this issue (reported as well in beta 2 thread by Karl Heinz Kluth).

I am trying to get the columns function to work in emclient but it does not matter what i do…

I want to see what labels are assigned to emails(Folders for emclient right?). I use the View, columns function and select folder and account. when i say OK, it does nto change anything. I cannot see this information in the message pane or when i open a message.

I get an odd issue with the RC. If I leave Em Client open for a period of time - say an hour or so - and then delete an email from the Inbox, the e-mail doesn’t get removed from the e-mail list, and a new e-mail from “dummy@example.org” appears instead.

Changing focus from the Inbox to another folder and then switching back to Inbox shows the email correctly deleted and the “dummy@example.org” email gone. In addition, a bunch of new (valid) emails are shown.

I use POP3 mailboxes (not Exchange).

Michael Duffy

My EM client auto updated yesterday from version 6.0.19404 to version 6.0.19600.

Since then it showed the same problem as described as Michael Duffy above - dummy@example.org showing in my inbox every time an email was deleted.

It also showed the problem described by Ruediger Schernthaner - new emails not showing in the inbox from gmail.

What’s interesting is that I still get a desktop notification saying that I have received a new email but nothing shows in my inbox.

I noticed that the link provided in Michal’s post at the top of this thread shows that the latest version is actually 6.1.19655.

I installed that and it’s fixed the dummy@example.org problem but it still won’t download new emails from gmail.

I’m using IMAP.

Paul Hurst

Good work.

I have xp
The program now minimizes at startup and the calendar reminders function in the correct time zone.

Still a minor problem.

I don’t have chat enabled and so have unchecked the chat label on the right tab sidebar to remove the “Chat” label. After closing the program and reopening it,
chat re-appears.

It looks like I have the same problem with the build 6.0.19660.0.

I have about 9 IMAP accounts (LAMP servers, not Gmail). When I start EM - the unread messages are briefly shown in the list and then disappear. They are not moved anywhere and still available on the server. I can close EM and start again and they are shown for a second again.

Interestingly, if I send a message to myself - it appears in the list along will all the missing unread messages.

I just installed 19665 and will test it too.

I have eM Client 6.0 Release Candidate now, but I have the feeling that It is slower.
Someone else too?