eM Client 6.0 Release Candidate available

I have the same problem, also using an IMAP account, but with the latest build 19665. When I click Send/Receive (or just start the program), I see the new messages briefly, then they disappear.

So I figured out that on reboot and start up, em client remembers the last windows state. So if the window was minimized to the systray; it will “open” minimized to the systray. If its left open when shutdown, it will re-start, open. When the program is closed by clicking on the red X and the setting is utilized to close the program to the systray, it seems to me that the window should be reported as minimized and not open. Restarting the program after having “closed it to the systray” should in my mind cause the program to ‘open’ minimized to the systray. I am not a fan of the email program opening on boot up.

I am still finding it easier to put an emclient shortcut in the startup folder with its option to execute, minimized and turn off the startup at windows bootup option in the program.

I have eM Client 6.0 RC now, but I have the feeling that it’s slower.

eM Client 6.0 RC uses a lot of CPU, it was not in the beta version.
Removing a mail will take longer.
Sometimes it’s stuck (or freez).

I have windows 8.1, and had no problems before,even with the beta versions.

Same here. None of my inboxes (Gmail and other IMAP accounts) do show any new emails! Please fix that!
How ist it possible to downgrade to beta 2?

Same here. I also saw an example.org email in my inbox that was not on the server and then it just disappeared.

I just uninstalled this version and then installed beta 2. This worked fine for me and it retained my setup.

I don’t feel like trying the “send a message to myself” workaround, so I will just mention that this serious bug is making the RC of eM Client completely useless to me as an e-mail client… I had to go back to WebMail (!!) for now until this is fixed! Restarting eM Client doesn’t help,… and the periodic notifications that I have 36… then 39… then 51… etc. (ever-increasing numbers) of new e-mails don’t help at all, because the Inbox itself is never updated, and I don’t see a way to get it updated.

I am seriously concerned that this release is being rushed out the door when it’s not properly tested. The statement above which says (in summary) “we’ve fixed almost all reported issues” may be true, but until you can put out a build that doesn’t immediately cause NEW serious issues,… I hope it is obvious that the product is not ready for release,… and whether you called it “beta” or release candidate is irrelevant… you can release an RC2, RC3, etc, until the rate of new bugs dies down, and then a 6.0 release would be welcomed. Those of us voluntarily testing the beta and release candidate builds are “asking for trouble”, and we are doing it to help the future of eM Client, because we really do want it to be an excellent program. :slight_smile: So hopefully our feedback will lead to a product that doesn’t immediately receive bad press from the other non-early-adopters who expect a stable release.

Thanks for letting us participate in this process!

Has anybody else noticed that when eM Client 6 RC is getting ready to draw its user interface,… that if a new window about to be displayed is going to show up maximized (filling the screen), that the time delay involved in showing the window leads to a disconcerting, ultra-black screen blanking effect? I never noticed this effect with previous releases, but now every time I open a fresh copy of eM Client, or double-click on an e-mail to show it in a new window… I see my screen flash black for about half a second (except for the Windows task bar which remains on screen during the flash). Sometimes if I play around with it for a while, the flashing gets more efficient, optimized down to more like 1/10 of a second instead of 1/2, but I still see a black flash, however briefly. I find this disconcerting, and I can’t think of another Windows program that does it. Since I choose not to have a message preview pane open, to save space on my screen, and just open messages in their own windows whenever I want to read them, I am seeing a lot of black flashing today.

I am running Windows 8.1 by the way, in case this helps reveal the nature of this flashing effect.


When configuring an account in the server connection type. the security policy dropdown list behaviour is misleading.

If I select “Foce use of SSL/TLS” I may think that I could also change the port because the port field is not greyed. But the system, with this option use the default port even if I manually change it.

If I want to use SSL/TLS with specific port I have to select the “legacy” option that is misleading (why legacy? Just manual port configuration).

In my opinion you should

  • change the description of the options
  • grey out the port field when you’re going to use the default one so I can understand that it’s not my setting that’s used

You could also show in the diagnostic tab what’s currently tested (server name, port and error description if it fails), just to be more user friendly.


Everything seemed OK for me in this respect to start with. Now exactly the same thing has started to happen (with no change of version) so that I can’t read any new mail and the program has become unusable.

Hello, can you please check whether you have version 6.0.19665 or 6.0.19660?

Hello, can you please check whether you have version 6.0.19665 or 6.0.19660?

Just to clarify, I use 665 (not release 660)


we are very sorry to hear that - can you please enable IMAP logging for Gmail account (in the menu Tools - Settings - Advanced) and restart eM Client? Then open the Gmail Inbox again and send us the logs using the same logging settings window. Thank you.

I had the .660 version and now the .665.
It seems that the problem is solved.

Columns are shown only when there is enough space in a list for them to show. Try to enlarge the list area.

I can confirm that the problem exists for both versions - 19660 & 19665. When you start the application and there were new IMAP messages on the server - the new unread messages are shown briefly in the inbox and then disappear from the list. If you send a message to yourself - it appears OK in the list along with other unread messages.
It seems like a UI logic problem to me rather than the actual protocol.



eM Client does not have any spam filter, you can make general rule that all incoming messages are going into Trash or junk folder, and then for every email address you want make exception that you want to make it into inbox or another folder you want.

Or you can use blacklist.

But, because eM Client does synchronize folders and their content as it is on the server then I suggest you using server side spam filter.
Spam filter is server side feature anyway - it is almost impossible to make it work properly on client side.


Just upgraded to 6.0.19665 and the calendar problem, so far, seems cured.