eM Client 5 Release Candidate #2

We are nearing the release of eM Client 5!

Some more finalizing touches have been added and we are providing the second Release Candidate for testing.

You can download it here

Is there a way to change the Theme…Once installed?

Sure :slight_smile:
Go to Tools->Settings->Appearance->Themes and pick one of the several themes there.

When testing the eM Client 5 RC 1 and 2 we found some strange things applying to the calendar part of eM Client.

  • When you delete an appointment with attendees you get the question if you want to send a cancellation mail, and after accepting the cancellation mail you get the question to send an updatemail. My Thunderbird application doesn’t understand the updatemail because the event has already been deleted and thinks it is an invitation to a new event. To me, i think the update mail should not be sent to the attendees.

  • When removing a single appointment from a series from appointments, no update mail can or will be send to the attendees.

In the e-mailpart we had some problems with folder rights on out mailserver.
The rights changed to a set right in which you cannot delete or move your mail. We were unable to change these rights back through the interface of eM Client.

Furthermore we where surprised to see there is no visual difference between a tentative, declined, of accepted appointment. But i think that would be a feature request.

I also found it annoying that i lost my calendar selection when i click on a name of a calender. Most of the time i have 3 or 4 calendars selected which i wanted to see in my calendar view, and sometimes i want to see the calendar of my coworker. If i click the selection box, i can add and remove his appointments to the calendar view. But when i click his name only his calendar is shown and i can’t find a way to switch back to the selection of calendars i made.

At last i wanted to say it looks like a very good product. At this moment we are working with thunderbird at my company, but we are looking into switching to eM Client if al is working wel in version 5.

  • what happened to the contacts list on the right?!? i have many google contacts, and they show up if i look at the contacts on the left sidebar, but not on the right? that was a VERY good option that im VERY unhappy is gone!
  • where are the options to manipulate the sidebars? the default action is to open the sidebar to maximum. the first click should open it just enough to see the entire contents of the sidebar app, and the second click should maximize it.
  • in classic view, the calendar sidebar is actually two different windows… you can’t see the separator between the folder list and the actual calendar… this would be fine if the actual calendar moved with respect to the folder list, but it doesn’t! this is awkward!!!
  • today is the 21st of november. when i click on the 21st on the left sidebar calendar, the left calendar goes back to october… that doesn’t make any sense. it should stay in november unless i press those arrow keys
  • search results are still inaccurate (see: https://discourse.emclient.com/emclient/to…)

Are there any release notes, or a list of changes between RC1 and RC2?

When are you guys planning the final version to be released? before end of 2012?



If you check the 5.0 Beta version, they have the new features & bug changes & fixes that EM Client will have, from there to RC 1 & 2, I know, there will not be any more major features, just mainly some minor tweaks to the ones announced on the Beta…so mainly, expect the same features from 5.0 Beta.


I realize no new features at this stage, but with no information on what has changed in RC2, it’s hard to know what to look for in evaluating it. I have installed it, and it appears to work fine, with no obvious difference from RC1.

I’m in the middle of translating version 4 to Norwegian.
Can I use my translated xml-files in this version?

Yess! I have “Smart folders” (it will be very difficult to find the translation in french) and the theme Mystic :slight_smile:
But…on the right column I have only the chat contacts…(?)

yes, you will be able to use the translated files.
Ideally, you will want to update the files to contain changes of the version 5 to be able to translate them, but already translated content will be preserved.

Please refer to section ‘Updating localization’ here: http://www.emclient.com/localization

Once you are finished with the location please let us know:)


okay, fine, you don’t care about any of these issues. i get it. can you at least explain WHY you removed the contacts on the right sidebar? just an explanation. i know you don’t care that you removed it and that i’m unhappy. fine.

I saw it now. Thank you.
(I’ll let you know when I’m finished, but looking at what needs to be translated, this might take a while…)

got the following error message when running backup using v5 RC2:

Hello Laurens,
thanks for the detailed reports!
Please answer the questions below. You can send the answers to wilson@emclient.com, where my colleague will respond.

  1. The extra update mail issue:
    a) Is this a recurring appointment? Does this happen with every appointment?
    b) What calendar server do you use?
    c) Could you send us the first invitational email, the cancellation email and the superfluous update email for an example event?

  2. Occurrence removal: We have been able to reproduce this and it will be fixed in the final release.

  3. The access rights for email:
    a) So when you tried to change the settings back, the server responded with an error??
    b) Or the rights couldn’t be removed in the user interface for some reason?

  4. Tentative/Declined/Accepted visual differentiation: While there is no difference between Tentative and Accepted, the declined event should disappear from the calendar (you can toggle this in the View menu)

  5. Calendar switching: It is not possible to switch back the previous calendar selection. However, you might find holding Ctrl or Shift keys useful when selecting multiple calendars.

Thanks! We hope you will find eM Client suitable for your company.


  1. We decided to remove it because it was underutilized.
  2. What option do you need? It can be resized by dragging its edge - I think it is enough.
  3. Thank you for your suggestion - we will consider it.
  4. We will fix it ASAP.
  5. We are working on it.

Chat window gone in RC 2
I accidentally detached the chat-window, and now it’s gone.
No matter where I look, i can’t find any options regarding this, so at the moment, my eM Client is without chat.

Has anyone else experienced this, and if yes, how did you solve it? (I want it back again, attached to the side-panel.)

-And now I found it… :slight_smile:

If anyone else wonder how, it was by right-clicking on for instance the Agenda-header in the sidepanel.

  • When right-click an e-mail address in the message body, there’s no option for “Add to contact”. This is increasingly becoming a hassle since the removal of contact in the sidebar.

  • I understand the change of calendar icon in to a solid square in order to be more fitting for the Windows8, but the Agenda notification on the sidebar still use the old calendar icon and colour scheme. This cause a slight colour variant between the calendar icon colour and sidebar Agenda. I have many calendar, so I have for example various blue or red, the slight various colour difference between the two made this not very distinguishable with the new layout.

  • When composing a new mail, after typing the subject and press tab to move to the message body, if you have a mail signature, it moves to the bottom of the message (below the signature). The correct behaviour should be first line of the message body.

  • When typing in message body with preset mail signature, eM no longer automatically insert a blank line between start of message and signature. The was working in the eM5 beta.

  • I have a huge entry in Google Calendar. One calendar has entry within 3 years each day. Another one has about 18 entry per year till 2099. Since EM4, it never fully loads entry for those two (about a years worth from the current days range). I have live with this, but EM5 is even more inconsistent. It would load like previous month, next 3 month, than scatter (likes blank at 5th, 6th month, than some entries at 7th 8th month from present). I also notice every time I reopen eM5, it clears all the calendar and reloads all the entries again. Shouldn’t the behaviour be: once load, only change locally when there’s a change being made? Instead of clear all of them and reload every time? This cause my calendar to never complete download of calendar, and it does automatically stop download when the calendar has a huge entry.

  • Mail rules still does not process on non-Inbox IMAP folders.

  • Moving mail with attachment from IMAP folder (message already fully downloaded & attachment) to local folder takes longer than expected.

  • Since EM5 beta, its loading my 3 month old GMail avatar.

  • I’m not sure if its intended. But the actual ‘Local Folder’ (not Inbox), is click-able and you can drag e-mails to it as well.