eM Client 3.5 BETA is here!

I am proud to announce eM Client 3.5 BETA. You can download it at: http://www.emclient.com/dist/v3.5.112…
Please tell us what do you think.

New Features

  • Brand new Account Wizard.
  • Smart account settings automatic detection to simplify account set up.
  • Full support for Facebook Chat.
  • Undo functionality for messages, events, tasks and contacts.
  • Upcoming events and upcoming contacts’ birthdays are now shown in agenda in sidebar.
  • Search folders can now be created also for calendar, tasks and contacts.
  • Skype integration now works with all Skype versions and is blazing fast.
  • Insert symbol and insert html functionality in message editor.
  • Automatic lookup for user’s avatar on Facebook.
  • Reworked widgets.
  • Simplified chat contacts pairing.
  • Improved Sync2eM account set up wizard.
  • Add signature to a cursor’s position feature.
  • Add support for opening links with special URL scheme (ie. protocol://).
  • Data from Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird and Windows mail can now be imported to a specific account.
  • Outlook importer is now able to import categories as well.
  • Export events to iCal format.
  • Export contacts to vCard format.
  • Option to force message format for replies and forwards (html or plain text).
  • Automatic capitalization of first letter in a sentence feature.
  • Added option to manually specify special folders on IMAP accounts.
  • Spam button improved.
  • Added option to choose folders shown in Communication and Attachment history and Agenda.
  • Many shortcuts added.

Fixes and optimization

  • Major startup speed improvement.
  • Many operations are now significantly quicker.
  • Occasional out of memory issues are now resolved.
  • Fixed problems with application exit when system is shutting down.
  • Many other bug fixes.


this sounds all very nice, specially the IMAP features and the speed update anyway, but what’s with the crazy color schema for calendars - like the gradients or shadows?

I’ve noticed that all one week ago at the ICewarp forum and here and didn’t receive any answer from both.

Can’t create a E-Mail-account. 3.5 beta always crashes when I want to add an account.

  • Finally a default calender option, but still no support for Google multiple calender.
  • Still no option to hide local folder.
  • The new junk/spam button is awesome, but unfortunately the program is unable to detect whether it was originally blocked by address or domain when unblocking.
  • No quick search bar in calender.
  • Can not search by category.
  • Colour shades for days outside current month in monthly view are not dark enough.
  • Nice idea on the “Invite to eM Client” button. Better than enforcing the “Sent by eM Client” footer.
  • Web widget still lacks support for java embedded widget, still using IE as rendering engine.
  • Still no global layout option.
  • Immediately release memory when minimize, but nothing if it only inactive window.
  • Still no support for Groups (folders) in Google Contact.

This is a serious problem. I’ve tried Google Contact once in eM Client, but disable the service immediately after finding out there’s wasn’t any support for Groups (folders). And this happens way back, so it obvious the contact has changed since than. After installing the beta, I decide to give it a try again, this is where the horrors begin.

There wasn’t anything wrong after I re-enable the service for Google Contact, and after I realize there still no groups/folder support, I immediately disabled it again. After idling awhile eM Client start giving me error message regarding a “Invalid Contact” does not exist or something. (This was a indication that eM Client does not wipe out data when disabling a service, I would call this a security risk) So I re-enable the service try to synchronise everything, but nothing happens, and no error message. So I disable the Contact service again and exit the application. When I re-launch eM Client, the same error message appears regarding invalid contact (even though the service was disabled). So I re-enable the Contact service and repeat the sync procedure and disabled it again. After exit and restart eM Client, this time eM Client showed a different error message, it tells me there are invalid data in the Contact, whether or not I want to overwrite the data from local (wipe out remote) or from remote (wipe out local). So it was obvious I need the data from remote as the the data from local was from month ago. After click on the “From remote” button, the error seems fixed.

However, after eM Client no longer throwing me error message, I decide to login to Google to check. And the result was - It overwrite the from Local. The worst part, it wipe all of my groups arrangement, and all contact went under “All Conctacts”. It didn’t stop there, contact where it has secondary e-mails (default in Google Contact are: Home/Work/Other) are all wiped out. And no I’m not sleeping that I clicked on the wrong button, I read the message twice. That can’t be the problem as well, as I have secondary e-mail address and groups in some of the very old contact back than. For some reason eM Client has wiped out them all. I’m now sitting to sort out 400+ contact, as I sync my phone contact to Google as well.

Regardless eM Client NEED to wipe out the data when a service has being disabled, not only when the whole account is deleted.

“This modern support engine is based on popular Getsatisfaction.com engine and our Support Engineers reply to customer requests every day.”

This statement on your website sounds very good - but it looks like a round lie or joke!

Since one week we wait here for some reply from the support… a new beta is nice but no reason to stop working for support!

The option to hide local folders was there even in version 3.0 in Tools -> Settings -> Show local folders.

It is possible to search by category, just type “category:” in the quick search box.

The memory management is not handled by us. It is handled by the system and .NET Framework and it intentionally doesn’t release the memory until necessary.

We synchronize Google Contact groups as categories currently. We plan to display the categories as filtered folders in the folder view, but it didn’t make it into this version.

What crazy color scheme? We didn’t change it since version 3.0.

We will analyze the issue. You can restore your contact by going to https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/#con… and selecting More -> Restore contacts.

What version of Windows are you using?

We are aware of a crash in the Windows 8 Developer Preview due to bug in the system libraries. Also we received a report for the same crash on Windows XP.

We managed to reproduce and fix most of the problems (contacts not disappearing after disabling the account, account still being synchronized even if disabled, download of group information during conflict resolution). However, the buttons on the conflict resolution seem to work as expected for us. They are labeled “Overwrite local” and “Overwrite remote”, not “From local” / “From remote”. Are you perhaps using eM Client in some non-English language?

Windows XP Business

  • I want to hide only specific local folder. Not just enable/disable all.

  • Got it, my bad

  • And that why .NET sucked…

  • Please do, this would be convenient.

Nope, English. But thanks for the restoring tip… Saved me great deal of time. As I went to www.google.com/contacts and the feature is not there.

I do not re-call the button name exactly. Regardless whether it Overwrite or From, I made sure I check the right one. And whatever the case may be it shouldn’t put all my contact under “All Contact” and delete all my secondary e-mail address within some of my contact.

And I hope there’s no confusing over the terms - “Disable Service” and Disable “Account”. As I’m using 1 account for Google, and just disabled the contact and calender service (since there’s no multiple calender support).

Can we expect support for multiple calender soon or next version? It was mention in the forum before that the CalDAV implementation in Google wasn’t very good and eM would switch to the native Google Calender API.

It is scheduled for the next major version (3.6 or 4.0). It is not that trivial as it may seem, but we work on this.

Thanks for the additional information. We were unsure if it could be an issue in some of our localizations.

We weren’t aware of any issue in regard to secondary email addresses, but we will check it.

The other bugs will be fixed in the next beta version, which is currently scheduled to be released sometimes this week if no other issues show up.

I’ve send an email to support@emclient because you can see it better on images. But I can try to describe it here again.

In case you have 20 calendars at your client (thats normal for our phone assistants to see which engineer is available) and you set a colour for each calendar than you have the problem with your brain. Because you have to learn all colours by heart.
Ok it’s not easy but possible - but now you have a shading if the calendar isn’t focused. Now the known blue events from one engineer is gray a.s.o.

This makes us crazy.

In Thunderbird you can see the correspondig colour by side of the name and no shading.

This screenshots I sent by email.

There are two More buttons and you need to click at the one that is inside list of contacts of some contact group.

Buttons for what?

The program just crashed… Submit the report, but wasn’t doing anything fancy, was just reading e-mail… any case, there’re some stability issue with this release.