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Drafts will do exactly what you are asking for except for being able to select all of the messages currently in Draft and send them all at once. If you don’t see that, you likely haven’t tried it.

No, Delayed Send and Send Later do not replace Drafts. Not even in the slightest. Those two features allow you to tell eM Client to send the message and it will do so automatically, after a set time period.

I didn’t say “as fast as possible.” Having the messages queued up and then I have to remember to go back and send them is vastly different than having them automatically send at a configured time.

I didn’t praise everything and I even said I don’t understand the point of the “Send Later” setting for all messages. This conversation is going nowhere because you are bent on arguing instead of trying to see things from anyone else’s perspective. I have pointed out ways that eM Client could add functionality to make you happy and I have pointed out ways you could use eM Client to do the vast majority of the things you are requesting. You just say, “no, it’s not exactly what I expect so it’s broken.”

It’s not random, it’s tied to the sync schedule. You’re a smart programmer so you know that but you want to make it out to be worse than it is so you can continue throwing stones.

I couldn’t care less about the AI stuff. It’s not really AI but everyone is jumping on that bandwagon so eM Client has to so they have the features people are looking for. Yes, you and possibly some others, want this queueing option but it’s not hard to see that you are in a small minority so your request isn’t going to get a lot of traction unless you are able to set your ego aside and be nice to the people who are responsible for deciding what new features get worked on. I am not one of those. I am a community member who saw what you were posting and thought, “okay, maybe there’s a good reason for it, I’ll see if I can help.” You have returned my kindness with rudeness and hostility. I personally don’t care if your requested feature ever makes it into eM Client at this point. You know as well as I do, as a programmer, that if someone requests something and they’re rude about it, you wouldn’t prioritize their request.

Anyway, actually give the Drafts idea a shot. I think you’ll find that it works quite well. You could even request a feature to select multiple drafts and click a button to have them sent. That would satisfy your requirements 100%.


How is that if someone have opposite arguments, it’s automatically rude for you?

I could say you’re rude, because I don’t like your arguments, but I don’t say that, because it have no logical sense.

I never said anything personal to you, meanwhile you call me rude, you review my attitude, you judge me and all of that because my opinion is not the same as yours and I disagree with your arguments. Think about it. Calling people rude is not an argument - is like to scream “calm down” to someone who is calm and trying to explain his point.

Your arguments are the same as mine. Have equal weight. If you’re think that your arguments are better just because they’re yours, then THIS is rude.

It’s actually common to finding workarounds instead of making something. Sure - drafts are usefu, but I must repeat (third time so far) that it is not the same, not only because “I say that”, but because many other companies who creates their email clients, apparently think the same making separate drafts and outboxes with queue function.

And about majority and minority - as you may know, eM Client users are minority. I have lot of computer friends and I recommend them eM Client (some of them actually uses it). They all had one thing in common - they never heard of eM Client before. Ok, it’s not real argument since they may not know many other email clients at all or not use any of them (and use webmail instead). But they know Thunderbird. They know Outook. They sometimes heard about few others. Now is better since eM Client starts to be present on top10 lists and is more recognizable, but still - if lot of people stops using email clients and uses webmails instead, if lot of users prefers something they know (like Outlook or Thunderbird) even if they’re not as good, then eM Client users are probably very small minority. And listening to customers is part of creating loyal customers. Even if their requests are not very expecting by majority of users (as long as they’re easy to made).

Patronizing and ridiculing someone is not rude at all. But nevermind - your style, you decide how you want to arguing. As you see - at least in my posts most of text are mine, not your quotes, because I prefer to refer to the whole issue rather than play the role of a reviewer of someone else’s statements.
And you must know that without stopwatch, nobody knows when eM Client starts sending emails. So for user it’s random in fact.

I’ve been reading this exchange with my jaw on the floor and now I need to know: what are the email clients that have this queue feature perfectly designed?


Beginning with old Eudora (mentioned because it was my favourite email client years ago), Thunderbird, Pegasus Mail, Opera Mail (discontinued, but worth mention because is very similar to eM Client), The Bat!, Sylpheed, new Vivaldi Mail. And probably few more. Basically most email client I know.

Seriously - I can live with immediate send, I am using eM Client long time, but it would be nice if it will work the way I used to for many years before. And that’s all.

martes 13 febrero 2024 :: 0901hrs (UTC +0100)

Yes, was my favorite for years & I still have it installed on a spare laptop, - another great feature was the ability to offer to automatically update rules for instance if folder location or addresses were modified, also send & receive in the same rule, unlike eMC that needs separate rules, a real pain; a super efficient easy to use search facility. Not that it was in Eudora but will the eMC Developers ever incorporate RegEx rules?

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Oh, that is what I loved in Eudora very much - it was able to search by any field (combined, not separate) in seconds even without indexed search. Of course that was completely different message format easy to handle, but anyway - I had dozen thousands of emails and finding some of them was about 2 seconds on Pentium 700MHz. Not that eM Client do not have fast enough search, but you must learn to use it in special way to made efficient search (like - do not type “John picture funny”, but “text:john text:picture text:funny” - otherwise eM Client will show you results only where all of these words are stored in one section of email - like all in subject OR all in body OR all in from etc).

BTW. That may be a nice hint for some people - I was asking for improvement, but after long time (and lot of answers that it’s “made by design”) I’m just used to different way of finding emails in eM Client, which may be useful for some.

Imagine that you get that message about 2 years ago:

You don’t remember attachment name, but you remember that Piotr sends you funny picture and wrote about that. Of course after 2 years you can’t remember if sender write his email in message body, in Subject or is just in “From” field and you don’t remember his address, because you have thousand of emails. That’s normal.
So all you need is to type “Piotr funny picture” in search, right?
Well, in that case you gets nothing - no results.
You must type “text:piotr text:picture text:funny” (“text:” before every word) and then eM Client will show you results.
Why it’s happen that way? Well, it’s because method of database query - it looks if ALL of words are in Subject (answer: no) OR in body (answer: no) OR in other fields (answer: no, because they’re in different sectons of email). Since you can’t remember that, you must force every word to be search everywhere by “text:”. You can also use “From”, “Subject” etc. but then you must KNOW where someone wrote text you want to find.

So efficient search in eM Client is possible, just a little more tricky. It’s like if you were renovating your house and asked your friend to find a hammer and a screwdriver. Your friend would go to the first room, he would see a hammer, but he wouldn’t find a screwdriver. He would then go into the other room where he would find a screwdriver, but no hammer. Then he would come back to you with the information that he searched the entire house and did not find a hammer and a screwdriver. :slight_smile:

It is not that I request for fix search - I know that is impossible, never happen etc. When I discovered that trick with “text:”, I am now able to find emails without any problem.

Still, for those who may think I am only complain - eM Client is the best email client now. And I tested lot of them.

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@peterb If you would read and seek to understand what I am saying, you would realize that I am telling you your attitude, whether you mean to have one or not, is causing people to tune you out. I’m done. I’ve tried to help but to no avail. I’m disappointed I even thought I could help you after having read how you reacted to others offering you help.



All email clients have two modes - one where “Send” sends email immediately, and second - where is waiting for user to send all emails from outbox by separate button.

Apart from the new Send later option in modern mail clients like eM CIient Pro, In all the years i have used mail clients even from the early days like classic Eudora, Pegasus, Netscape mail, Outlook Express Thunderbird etc, ive never ever seen or used a separate button like a Send Now or similiar as you mentioned to manually send emails directly from the Outbox on demand from a queue when your ready.

Its not normal to manually send emails from the outbox unless they are eg: stuck where you would then either dblclick them and press send again as @Gary advised above or if they still wont send, move them back to the Drafts folder to look at the email as to why it wont send due to eg; the email might have too large attachments & need to be sent an alternate way.

So if you dont want emails to be automatically sent straight away via the Send button, and you dont want to use the Send later scheduled feature in eM CIient Pro, then “use the Save option” within the compose window. Thats what i do and works fine for me.

You then dblclick that saved draft message when you are ready and press send. So i agree with @Joe_Davis , the Drafts folder is what you should look at using in eM Client to store emails to then manually send later.

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Ok, but people are different - you didn’t use Queue in Eudora, I was using it.
In Eudora, if you change that settings (immediate send disabled) even button changed in composing window from “SEND” to “QUEUE”. It’s similar in other emails client too.
I don’t want to arguing, but people uses email cliens different way, not everyone are the same, so it’s not really good argument when someone says “I never use it”. I uderstand that, but me, and probably lot of more users (that’s why “queue” option was made) use it.
As I mentioned, drafts are alongside queue - they’re separate options for different things. I cannot send many emails at once easy way from drafts.
It’s all about - if everyone must work the same or email client should be flexible to let people work as they want.

I would never ask for this if eM Client had no option to disable immediate send. But it has that option - and I noticed that it works wrong because sometimes (depends on luck) mails are sending immediate anyway.

There is also another reason - sometimes I generate eml files by my own procedure (external) to personalize mailing (like when every person should get a little different link). Then after import that eml files I must sometimes check if everything is ok, move them to Outbox and be sure that nothing was wrong. I just need that extra step - as an extra security.

The problem is - there are so many options and I was always happy when I saw that there may be some workaround. Delayed emails? Great! Until I realized that there is no button to send them when I want - when I use “Send All” - nothing happens, they still waiting. I could enter every email and send it or use rmb and choose option to send without waiting, but only for single email. And is not as easy as press button to do that. Then there is undo send - great! But that delays all my sending, even if I want to send email as fast as possible. Drafts? Ok, nice, but for me it’s too much steps to send messages that way - they need to be re-open and then send or moved to outbox. I always like to automate everything what I want but with keeping some manual operations - just for double check some things. Queue for me is like pause - I can press “Send” button right after I compose email if I want, but I can also wait and press that button later (but it’s still single click, not moving messages, re-opening them etc).

I can live without Queue. It’s just “want / need” problem. There are so many options for various users that other users may consider as useless (like calendar for me or composing messages using AI). But they are there - just because more options is usually better and makes program more flexible (except when number of options and settings are too much like in Pegasus or TheBat!). I bet that delayed send or undo send may starts the same discussion before they was made - “why do you need it?”, “you can just keep your window open until you’re sure that you want to send it”, “use drafts instead”.


I cannot send many emails at once easy way from drafts.

There is a way to send multiple drafts in one go automatically in eM Client V9 and V10 Beta.

First “select all your drafts” in your Drafts folder and then “right click” and select “Resend” as in the example screenshot below.

Once you click Resend, all the drafts you selected will then open automatically one after another and all you do is “just click Send” on each one. Saves you manually opening each one separately from drafts.

The good thing doing it this way, is that “the drafts stay in the drafts folder after the resend”. So good if you like to maybe eg: send the same or similar draft at a later date to your email list of people or group.


It’s too much - opening every email and send it, while I just want to press button.

Anyway - is up to developers if they made it or not. I presented my arguments, I pointed out what is wrong with “send messages immediately” option. I proposed a solution (different procedure trigger depends on if is trigger by Refresh button or by automatic sync). Rest is up to them. I wasn’t able to request for the search to be fixed, so I was hoping that this rather small fix would be possible.

You know, all that workarounds reminds me email clients without “resend” option, where people KNOW that is so easy to just delete all that text program adds to forwarded emails and remove indents. No big deal, but still - Resend is just better, faster and needs less clicks.

Hi Peter! Thank you for your post. Very interesting.

  • How do you save such a search in Search Folders?
  • Can you use negatives such as “nottext:”?
    Do you have a list of the search catagories? Is there a “From:” *.microsoft ??

This would finally make search powerful in eMC.

I noticed that “text:” search everywhere (From, Subject, Body etc). “Nottext” have no sense then.

I do not use search folders for that type of search and don’t know if is possible. And since “text:” may be slower, it would be also not preferred way.

List of search categories are in eM Client 9 in search field (if I good remember). There is “From:” category, sure. It is enough to type “From:microsoft.com”.