eM Client 10 version


Haven’t read anything for a while regarding a new version of eM Client being in the works.
Will there be any news this year?



I am wondering if the DEVS will even answer this question. I see them continually bringing up version 10 in the posted TrustPilot review site. For that reason, I hope we are finally close to release.

Yes, version 10 will be released later this year. Just watch this forum announcements section, where we will let you know when the beta is available if you are interest to test it.

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2023 is over.
Any update as to when in 2024?

Or is “later this year” referring to somewhere (soon) this year?

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Yes, somewhere soon.

We should have a beta version available for testing before too long, and will make an announcement here on the forum when it is ready.


It’s nice that there is new eM Client version, but I doubt that number of changes deserves new major version. AI Integration may be funny, but I never ever think about such feature and still don’t know where I may use it. And what is the point of writing nonsense emails (whole idea of writing proper emails is not about generating new useless spam with AI sentences). But ok - I assume that many people request for that instead of making something that can really justify change major version number. I hope it will not be something like The Bat, where new versions are basically created for earn more money for upgrades. Or like browser wars where nobody really knows what is the difference between Firefox 143 and Firefox 264. I still remember when changing major version in programs means revolution with lot of major changes.


@peterb the beta is free, you should try it, you don’t have to buy it.

What I’m seeing worths the version number increase and not by the AI stuff.

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What happened to ‘License’ in the Help Menu?

Tell me, please, what is so revolutionary that it justifies increasing the main number?


Tell me, please, what is so revolutionary that it justifies increasing the main number?

There is alot of “user requested features” and other differant new features" added (apart from AI) that is in V10. You can read all about them in the blog.

Beta versions don’t use licenses.

“Please be aware that the Beta version will only be operational for 3 months after release and you will have to update to a standard eM Client 10 version after that. No license is required for testing - the Beta runs in a trial mode, so anybody can try it out freely.”

I read this list from the blog. And I’m still asking - what is so revolutionary there to increase version number. When you read changelog for Firexox 122 you can find lot of changes, but years back it would be just Firefox 14.2.2 or something like that, because it’s in fact minor changes. No revolutionary changes were made, just some improvements, program do not change that much to justify increasing version number. Of course I understand that business model based on only free updates would be not so good for company and sometimes users must pay for upgrade, but at least changes should be bigger. Tab browsing? Invented years ago - but not in eM Client. That would be revolution (something that some email clients had 30 years ago). Or maybe truly independent windows? Now I can’t even copy text from email to filter, because when filter window is open, main window is inactive (what is the point of having independent windows if they’re not work in multitasking?). Or maybe improved email editor to compose nice html emails without using html code? Or auto-filter like in some email client that group (temporarly) all emails from a person when you click ALT+mouse button on email? Or at least send as mass email by default when user select send from group contacts? Or maybe hard stop button for some operations that freezes not because of eM Client, but server problems? Or stop sending emails when auto-syncing (what does SMTP protocol have to do with synchronization?). Or at least easy customization of colors without creating separate skins? Visible counters in search folders?

Really, folder colors and folder filters, PDF preview (I hope it’s safe?) or moving search field at the top is not what I expected from new major version.


Why would you want to stop syncing your IMAP folders just because you are sending a message?

Fortunately you don’t need to upgrade to version 10 when it is released if that is your concern. If you are happy with 9, you can stick with it. Your license is valid for that version indefinitely. It won’t cost you anything extra to remain with version 9.


I have come back to Frankfurt from several months exchange internship in company offices in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, Sydney Australia and New York USA to help with my English and other things to progress my career. Now I am back I need to buy a new car.
I am not offered a car BETA version to test and report anything wrong like brakes or lights, I buy a car that is fully approved with all parts working correctly, even when it is a new model.
I do not know why eM Client can not release a fully tested working version 10 software with all confidence.
Maybe they do not have a test department that can make a complete check for code errors or anything else before a confident product release.
To enable me to finalize my dissertation can I be told why is there a problem with a fully tested working release of eM Client and if not why not?

Torsten Marx

Nobody forces you to install the beta. Beta releases are here mainly for gathering user feedback about the new features and changes made to minimize a potential confusion about these changes by some of our users. That’s the reason why most of the major software companies release beta versions. We listen to our users and customers and want to incorporate their feedback into the final product. If you don’t want to be part of that, it is easy, just don’t install the beta.


We already have that since at least version 7. That is the function of the Contact right-sidebar. As soon as you click on any email, a full email history with that person will be displayed in the sidebar.

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I wrote opposite - stop sending emails when syncing, not stop syncing when sending. Nevermind, we discuss about this already and you’re always know best.

It’s not about am I happy or not - sure, I am happy with 9 as much as I can be. But hey - it’s new major version, it suppose to have something new and useful, not few cosmetic and graphics changes.

Not as conivinient as when all emails are fully shown on list with all their columns and details.

Whichever way you do it, why would you want to do that? There doesn’t seem to be a valid reason to stop one just because the other is connected, but if you can give some feedback about why you need that to happen, we can certainly investigate it.

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You mean like if you right-click on the sender’s address and choose Communication History, where it will show you a window just like the message list default layout? It also expands the message if you click on one of them.