eM app login username and password where located?

We have been using eM Client app for quite a while and like it enough we purchased the lifetime membership. We have it feeding into Outlook as my husband was hesitant to walk away from Outlook permanently. Over the weekend, Outlook stopped working and wanted us to make the big Outlook change that we knew was coming. We are ready to finally be done with Outlook for good and rely solely on eM Client.

That being said, I can’t remember ever having written down a username and password to get into the app in case we had to for some reason. I also see no place to do so. I need to get this cleared up. I am usually so good about writing down all my information and I even went back to my paper copy of my activation code. Can anyone guide me to the answers I need?

You don’t normally need a username or password to get into eM Client.

However if you are locked out of eM Client and cannot get into the program / gui “due to you have setup a username and password on eM Client startup”, then see the following thread.

Now if you can get into eM Client ok, but are getting asked for an account username and password, then you will need to contact your Mail Server technical support via phone or website to get your password reset.