Editing Subject Line

After installing and testing 15+ emails clients (as we decided to move from Outlook, due to issues with large data files), only a few email clients allowed this functionality

There are no security issues, or any fundamental issues with this option, even from the legal point of view for legal or medical historical reasons.
We have many medical support emails from clients, whom only enter ‘Hi’ or even leave blank the subject line. As soon as these are received, we can edit, and enter a more responsive / detailed subject line to ensure correct reading by relevant staff/response times etc.,

For example:
Old Subject Line: Hi
New Subject Line: Operation 12th May 2011, Post-Op Question

Just on a crazy note. We would appreciate this option, as we would upgrade all of our outlook email clients, as we did spend about 8 hours loading most of the full functional email clients on the market, and testing with large GB data files, checking the editors and numerous other basic email day to day operations. Out of these tested, we sacrificed this option, for eM Client, as it was the most stable, and professional for the other 90% of functions needed.

Many thanks

Hi Nick,

we’ll consider this ASAP -> please send me your contact details to jerry@emclient.com and I’ll keep you posted about latest development.

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Any progress on this feature request?

Thank you

Any Progress? Any Updates?


Yes, editable subjects will be released with 6th major version in mid to late october.

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On 10/12/13, I just installed eM Client and imported everything from Outlook. I chose eM Client due to its features and the ability to move all emails, folders, etc from Outlook.

It didn’t move any of my Rules. I think you should add that.

However, I absolutely MUST have the ability to edit the subject line. I’m really astonished that it hasn’t had that from the first version.

I have checked the box for Tools > Settings > Appearance > Lists > Allow in-cell editing but this doesn’t seem to do anything. What is this supposed to do?

Thanks for producing an excellent product, except for this one super major shortcoming that can be a deal breaker of not allowing editing the subject line.
Ed M

If any of you would also like to see the “delayed send” feature added to emClient, please vote for Delayed Send here:


please post one issue (or request) to one topic only, editing of subjects should be in 6th version.

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Just now downloaded and installed eM Client (7.2.31528.0) – and I haven’t found the option to edit the subject lines of my incoming messages.

This is absolutely essential for me – and I had hoped this feature had been implemented by now. 

Can anyone tell me:
(1) if this option is available – and, if so…
(2) where/how can these edits be made?

With my thanks in advance,

Hello Metta,

Editing of the incoming messages is not not possible in eM Client in order to keep the integrity of emails. You can of course change it while you’re sending a reply/forward.


Tough issue: the tradeoff between alteration and usefulness. Changing the subject does mean changing the original message. Nonetheless, I agree with the original writer that there are some great needs to be able to add some information to the message. Perhaps there is a way to modify the subject while retaining the original one? Or to add to a message some kind of note that could be searched and found later? This would be an innovative and really useful feature. I have not seen much, if anything, in other e-mail clients that helps users to annotate messages in this way. It could really be a standout and attractive feature of eM.

For occasional use, you can save the message as an eml, edit the subject and drag it back into eM Client and then delete the original. I have done that in the past where eM Client is not able to properly display the character encoding in the subject.

While I am not a fan of quoting other client’s features and suggesting that they be incorporated into eM Client, I think that some kind of note is really useful.

It is already there as an add-on for Thunderbird, and it is possible to annotate when marking a message for followup in Evolution. Thunderbird also has a few add-ons for editing the subject. One that I found really interesting makes the changes to the message database, not the message, so the header of the message is unchanged.

I am wondering why this idea is marked as implemented! If you can find the feature in eM Client, please comment.

I think it is OK to consider desirable features of other clients, to make eM the best possible client.

Thanks for that interesting idea about EML!

I can change the subject line without a problem.
It is not necessary to export an eml file

Please explain how you do that Andi.

I only made one click in the subject line and then I was able to edit the subject.

We are talking about editing the subject of a received message. Not a message that is being replied or forwarded.

Kind of interesting. I did just try clicking in the subject of a received message and was able to change the text there! Is it saved?

When I closed and restarted eM, I found that the subject change was retained.