Edit my name shown as sender


When I use eM Client, my emails are signed with email@adress.com as the sender instead of my full name (John Doe).

I checked the account settings, and I filled out my full name.

What do I miss?

I’m using 9.0.213 in combination with Office365.

Thanks a lot!

Maybe a long shot but do you have any aliases associated with that email address?

What do you mean by “signed with” - I think of emails signed with a signature file. Could you take a screen clip of exactly what it is that is bothering you so we can see what it looks like?

The sending name (apart from any separate optional alias) is usually the name that appears setup in your Account.

Go to “Menu / Accounts” and click on your account. In the “General” Tab you will see the “Name” which is the sending name when you compose email. So could be that you that email address email@adress.com you mentioned is in the Accounts Name field instead of your actual name.

(eM Client V9 Beta example Accounts screenshot)

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In some instances the SMTP server may change that, so if it is different when the recipient gets the message, check with your email provider.

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