EAS (Exchange Active Sync) support

can you add EAS support in eM Client?

eM Client is a desktop application, so it syncs with the Exchange server using Exchange Web Services rather than EAS, which is a mobile device protocol.

Yes, but it can be useful for servers who don’t provide EWS

Yes, but it can be useful for servers who don’t provide EWS

I doubt there would be enough major company servers around left to warrant eM Client putting support in the desktop app for EAS and most newer desktop mail clients have also now moved to EWS too.

Eg - Quote from Microsoft site - “As a result of performance issues, Microsoft discontinued support for Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) in Outlook 2016 and only now supports mobile with EAS. You’ll will still be able to use EAS connections in any of your other Mail apps such as on your smartphone or tablet devices”.

As @Gary says EAS is mainly now only supported on Mobile clients due to the device protocol. So if eM Client was going to support that they may possibly do EAS in an upcoming mobile app as well as EWS. Who knows.Time will tell if that eventuates.

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The need is not limited to Exchange servers. I am a home user.
I run AkrutoSync with my home PC Outlook installation, so that I can sync Outlook Calendar events with other (mainly mobile) devices.
I’ve installed eM Client on a laptop but I need to sync that laptop Calendar with the Calendar on the PC running Outlook (and AkrutoSync).
No need to sync email (download from mail host) and contacts (low rate of change), just Calendars.

As @Gary says EAS is mainly now only supported on Mobile clients.
Laptops and nebooks are mobile clients.Their owners do not have the luxury of continuous network availability, which is why there is so much value in a synchronisation mechanism that operates when the network is available but enables users to work effectively when the network is not available.
Thunderbird has a plugin that supports ActiveSync. Why not eM Client?

So it turns out that eM Client does have at least some support for ActiveSync.
I run (personal) Outlook and AkrutoSync on my home PC.
I have installed eM Client on my laptop. I created an additional entry in providers.xml (type AirSync) and then connected eM Client on my laptop to the EAS service provided by AkrutoSync on my desktop. I successfully synced ny calendar from the deskop to the laptop!!
More testing now.

MDaemon email server uses ActiveSync for mail… there are more servers other than Exchange !!

Yes, but even with MDaemon you have to pay for ActiveSync client licenses (as MDaemon has to pay the license fee to Microsoft). And with MDaemon you can easily use IMAP + CalDAV and CardDAV, it works well.

There are mail server solutions that support/provide ActiveSync natively that do not require a license.
emClient seems to supports ActiveSync generally. Please allow ActiveSync with custom server backends. When selecting Exchange and using credentials from a mail server with active sync it always switches to IMAP/SMTP which is not what it should do. Other mail clients can connect properly using ActiveSync.


Once again, if these solutions don’t pay fees to Microsoft, it is not because they have it for free, but they simply don’t care and in fact it is illegal and can lead to legal actions from Microsoft side. We exactly know who does it and who does it legally and who does not. We won’t risk that, I am sorry.

Hi Michael,

Now that eM Client ist launched as Mobile application as well, is there any change on that topic?

Just to tell you my Point of View on that topic :slight_smile: :
I am a professional “IT guy” bounded with some Organisations and Companies that does only support AES as there main protocol for Mailing.
I am a Developer in a multi platform environment (Windows, MacOS, android, iOS) depending an the needs of the Customer. I am on the lookout for a Mail Client on all Platforms that works nearly with all protocols, especially with EAS, for several years now. EAS is most of the time the Feature that is missing, so I will not use the Product.
Let’s be clear here: I think there is a nishe in the Market, where emClient would perfectly fit, if they would provide EAS support for mail Exchange. I did not found any client that supports als platforms, exchange and EAS as Protocols and have a good UI like emClient for years now.

If the EAS Client usage does cost license Fee to Microsoft, fine. Make a Add-On package for those who need it. I would nearly pay every price for a Product like this.

Best regards

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