Duplicated Events when invited


if I invite somebody from my Apple Calendar to an event, the invitation appears twice on the latest Version eM Client. If i accept just one invite, and delete the second one, the event appears twice in my calendar on eM Client. When I switch back to my Apple Calendar, the accepted event just appears one time.

I use:
MacOS 10.12.4
Apple Calendar 9.0

MS Windows 10 Home
eM Client 7.0.3

MacOS 10.12.4
MacOS Server 5.3

Ive also had this issue on:
Mac OS X 10.9.5
Apple Calendar 7.0

MS Windows 7 Pro 
eM Client 6.x

Mac OS X 10.8.5
Mac OS X Server 2.x

Somebody got a Solution for me? i would really appreciate. :wink:

Hi, I have similar problem with duplicated apointments with CalDAV, when someone invite me. I have eM Client synced to Kerio Connect CalDAV.
One invitation from google calendar or other exchange account = two invitations in eM and two apointments in eM cal :(.
Any Idea?


To me it’s a little bit different but also annoying - if I get an invitation (iCal) the event shows up twice in my agenda, but only once in my calendar view. As I’m using different folders for my iCal calendars (one iCal account with multiple calendars) and they all have different colors, the duplicate entry is coloured grey which I never use:

I deleted my previous replies because after some further testing I discovered that duplicate events in separate calendars are always displayed like this. One has the calendar colour, and the other is grey.

You can confirm this by hovering over the event in the Agenda, and see the calendar/folder name where each event is stored.

yes, the grey one is not assigned to one of my calendars - it seems to be  a left over, what makes no sense. I get the invitation, accept it and assign it to one of my calendars and now I have two entries - the grey one is useless and annoying. And if I delete this, the sender of the invitation gets a message about that, even though I accepted the invitation and just deleted the duplicate.
So I think there must be a bug in accepting the invitation while assigning them to one of my calendars at the same time.

When you hover over the event in the Agenda, it has no Folder?

Sorry for the delay … yes, exactly, no folder … this is so boring :frowning:

Sefan, are there any outstanding invitations in the Invitation tab below the Agenda sidebar? If the tab is not visible, right-click on Agenda and select Invitations.

You could also try removing the account from eM Client then adding it again. That should clear any phantom events.

No Gary, no outstanding invitations. And this happens each and every time, regardless If i invite someone or get invited. Both are Apple iCal calendars.
So I think removing and readding the account might not help.

Was worth a shot, but if you think it won’t help, then OK.

If you have a Pro License, you should open a support ticket for this so that the problem can find it’s way to the developers. Some minor issues I had with CalDAVs were resolved in recent versions after I submitted the problems.

No, I’m just a private user. But as I’m not the only one having this problem the developers should care of it anyway … perhaps one of you ther guys in this thread could open a ticket?

I would, but I am not having the problem. Maybe if I have time later in the week I will test it on an Apple account and see if I get the same problem. Will keep you updated Stefan.

Great, If you need another Apple Account to test with feel free to contact me :slight_smile:

Thanks Gary!

What I am seeing is that if I receive an invite from Apple Calendar, I get the invitation in my Inbox, and as soon as I view the email, the event is automatically showing in my Agenda Sidebar. If I open the event it looks like this:

It shows me twice as a participant, one needing action and one already accepted. I guess that is why it is showing in the Agenda.

When I accept the invitation by clicking on Accept in the email, it is momentarily entered as a second event in the Agenda, but then it is deleted and just one remains. Opening the event is it exactly the same as before, and still contains both invites. The one that is showing as Needs Action, cannot be changed, either before or after accepting via the email.

If I later decide to decline, the event remains unchanged in eM Client, and the Organizer is not notified.

Worth to be mentioned: The duplicate entries also occur if I accept an inivitation in my iOS Device (iPad, iPhone)

So is this then a problem with Apple Calendar?

I ment that the duplicate entries in eM Client occur in both options to accept an invitation, accepting it on my iOS device or accepting it in eM client. Both gives me duplicate entries in eM Client only - not on my iOS devices.
 So it’s a problem of how eM Client is dealing/communicating with the Apple Calendar.

I agree, it must be related to how eM Client interprets the invitation from Apple Calendar.

Stefan, if you send me an invite from your Apple Calendar (done through the web interface) to my address [email protected], I will open a support ticket for this.


And of course as I wanted to document the odd behaviour, this one worked just exactly as it should. My name also only shows up once in the Participants, and the event only shows once in Agenda. I did not even get the initial double event that I mentioned earlier.