Duplicated Events when invited

Will send another one directly through eM Client instead Apple Web Interface :slight_smile:

Any time you are ready. :slight_smile:

For me this ended now in one duplicate event :

For me it is exactly as it should be.

And none of the issues I had before are observable.

Hm, and your account is an Apple Calendar? But funny that your own tests reproduced the behaviour

What about sending me an invite to test the other way round?

No this is not an Apple Calendar, it is accepted by a GMail address and saved in a Google Calendar. I think the previous problem with a double entry of my name is something else, which I removed from the equation. It’s complicated.

For the invitation you sent me I received and tested on a test machine which is only setup with a standard GMail account.

Stefan, email me on my gmail address with an address to send the invite to.

One thing that can be happening is that you are accepting the invitation from an email address other than what it was sent to.

no, I’m just using this one address which matches my Apple Accounts address