Dummy email - revisited

Forgot the question.  I’ve frequently been getting emails from dummy@example.com.  I can find similar problems posted here from 3-4-5 years ago, but no answer.  Mail Source and Mail Header are blank.  Can’t delete them, although they seem to disappear after a few days.  How do I delete them?  Any way to set up a rule to kill them?

I can probably suggest a Rule if you post the header here.

I have this same problem.  It is a problem with eM Client, though.  It does not happen with other clients.  

Do you think that maybe because eM Client is able to detect spoofed email addresses, that this is why you get this?

If you post the email header here, I can assist you with a Rule that you can use on it.

email header is empty as is source.  I’ve found that if I ‘delete’ the email (which doesn’t work), but close and open EMC, the email disappears.

I saw this once before with corrupt messages. A Rule is not going to help you delete them. You can try closing eM Client then run C:\Program Files (x86)\eM Client\ DbRepair.exe.  See if that helps.

I thought maybe you were receiving messages without sender’s address, which is something different. Sorry.

With regard to “dummy@example.com”, I believe it’s used internally as part of eM client as a kind of temporary value, inserted during the process of deleting an email.  Perhaps something about that process is getting stuck and leaving these behind?

The reason I think this:  In normal use I can’t notice it, but when I RDP into my computer over a slow internet connection, sometime each screen repaint is visible.  When that happens, and I shift-delete an email message, it gets temporarily replaced with “dummy@example.com” before the entry for the message actually disappears from the message list.